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Does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?

Posted by G. Henderson from Akron, Ohio

Metal roofing sounds expensive. How does it compare with other kinds of roofing?

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  1. Answer by Joe Miller

    As metal roofing is a premium home product with a lifetime warranty, the initial investment for a metal roof is more expensive than that of its traditional asphalt counterparts. Over time, metal roofing costs can be economical with a high return on investment. In addition, there is an abundance of savings opportunities that will recoup some of the initial investment such as Energy Star tax credits, a reduction in energy costs, a decrease in homeowner’s insurance costs while increasing the resale value of your home. A recent customer stated, “I’ve lived in my home for 30 years and had to replace my asphalt roof 3 times, I wish I would have bought the Erie Metal Roof the first time.” This is why we offer a free initial, no-obligation estimate, to measure the roof and provide an exact cost.

    In some cases, for example, if you currently have a slate roof, you can expect your metal roof to cost less. No matter what kind of metal roofing style you choose, you’ll never have to worry about your roof again. Ours come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, your new metal roof will add to the resale value of your home, save you money on your energy bills, and give you piece of mind that this is the last roof you will ever need. “You can expect the cost of a metal roof to be an advantage when you factor in life expectancy.”

“They did a great job from start to finish. They were kind, courteous, knowledgeable, they answered my questions, and kept us up to date. I was disappointed with other companies that we used before but Erie Construction was quick and it was done right the first time.”

– Aaron J, Elizabethtown, PA

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