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Eight Reasons Fall Is an Excellent Time To Install Your Metal Roof

Sep 12, 2020

If you’ve made the decision to install a metal roof on your home, you’ve likely done so to take advantage of the numerous benefits a metal roof can offer. The superior durability of a metal roof means your roof will be extremely resistant to the elements without diminishing in its protection of your home and your possessions. In addition, metal roofs provide enhanced water resistance and energy conservation over other roofing types. Best of all, you can expect your new metal roof to last fifty years, or even longer due to the quality of the metal materials available on the market today.

When Should You Install Your Metal Roof?

Considering all of the advantages of metal roofs (plus many more we haven’t addressed above), it’s no surprise most homeowners want to get started on their metal roof installation as soon as possible. However, summer is quickly winding down here in the US, and in many of our service areas, that means the quick approach of cooler weather. In the minds of many homeowners, that means dwindling time left available to install your roof before cool weather sets in.

While it’s true that many homeowners choose to install new roofs in the summertime, it’s a common misconception that summer is the only ideal time of the year for roof installation. In fact, a metal roof can be installed at any time of year, including the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Determining when to install your metal roof can depend on a number of factors, including scheduling, local weather patterns, and personal preference.

Fall Is an Ideal Time to Install Your Metal Roof

Provided your metal roofing contractor has availability for the upcoming months, fall metal roof installation deserves some serious consideration when it comes to scheduling your roof installation. Fall can be an ideal time to install a metal roof – in fact, your contractor may prefer it. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to choose fall installation for your metal roofing system:

  1. Cooler temperatures for you and your contractor. In many areas of the country, the summer months are filled with hot, humid days with intense sunshine – and the UV rays that come with it. Together, these factors can make installation less than ideal for both you and your contractor. Your roof and your roofing materials are hot and unpleasant to touch, and your HVAC system will likely struggle to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable without a roof in place. In the fall, cooler temperatures prevail, making installation much more pleasant for your contractor, and keeping your interior temperatures at a comfortable level.
  2. Ideal sealing. Depending on the type of roofing materials you’ve chosen – particularly your roof’s underlayment – there may be an ideal installation temperature for best performance. For example, rubberized asphalt underlayment and other materials are best installed at temperatures between 45 and 60 degrees to promote adequate thermal sealing. The blistering hot temperatures of summer and the colder winter temperatures are still workable but require additional attention to proper sealing.
  3. Easier installation. In addition to the performance advantages that may be available for some roofing materials in the fall, the weather simply makes the installation process much easier in general. As compared to summer, materials are less susceptible to heat and UV damage during the installation process. Compared to winter, materials are less likely to become brittle and crack.
  4. Less precipitation. Summer rain showers and severe thunderstorms can hamper roof installation in many areas. However, these weather patterns are often much more moderate in the fall, when afternoon rain showers tend to cease. By contrast, fall is often a more predictable period when it comes to weather, and it is often easier to assess your current roof and schedule your new roofing project without so many potential weather systems looming ahead.
  5. Damage repair from summer storms. Depending on your area, thunderstorms, wind storms, tornadoes, and even hurricanes may be likely during the summer season. These storms can cause immediate, catastrophic damage to your roof, or can result in gradual damage over time – particularly if your roof is nearing the end of its life. Fall is an ideal time to inspect for damage at the end of the summer storm season and install a new roof impervious to storm damage.
  6. Prevent pest damage. Many homeowners experience issues with pests and wildlife under the eaves, in the attic, and in various locations in the upper levels of their homes. The space is usually devoid of human activity, more temperate than the atmosphere outside, and relatively dry – in other words, it’s the ideal location for bats, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, and other creatures. Replacing your roof in the fall can ensure your attic is impervious to wildlife and pests as they attempt to escape the upcoming frigid winter weather.
  7. Prevent winter damage. Homeowners in many areas throughout the United States experience especially harsh weather in the winter, including heavy snow, freezing rain, ice, sleet, and more. Such conditions can be damaging to an asphalt shingled roof, particularly if your roof is near the end of its lifespan, or if you already have damaged or worn shingles from previous weather events. Replacing your roof in the fall, in advance of winter weather conditions, prevents you from experiencing a roofing failure mid-winter, when leaks are more difficult to detect and repairs are harder to come by.
  8. Optimize winter energy usage. Metal roofs provide superior heat retention in the winter, keeping your heating costs low. In addition, ridding your roof of damaged portions where cold may seep in and warm air may escape can improve your home’s energy retention. Although winter roof projects are possible, you can get the most out of your new metal roof’s superior energy-saving performance if you install before the coldest months.

Your new metal roof is designed to provide premium protection from the elements, especially the harsh weather elements of winter and the hottest days of summer. As a result, fall can be one of the best times of year to begin a roofing project. Consult with your metal roofing contractor to determine whether fall installation is possible for you.

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