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Metal Roof Trends in 2021

Jun 30, 2021

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. If you’re curious as to some of the reasons this type of roof is trending, why not explore all the motivating factors that draw homeowners to choosing a metal roof for their house. There are two main points as to why metal roofs appeal to consumers. The first reason is their variety of color options. The second is the assortment of design choices. I guess you could say people like options. It’s a good way to create a unique and custom looking home that offers both stunning curb appeal and is a creative way to show your personality.

Color Options of Metal Roofs

Metal roof paneling systems come in a number of colors, shades, and finishes. The colors range from the more common black, grey, and brown choices you are more likely to see often, to more classic shades of green and burgundy. The wide range of colors extends to more vibrant shades of copper, several shades of blue, and Galvalume.

Homeowners have different reasons for choosing the color roof they do including personal preference, HOA requirements, or the desire to match their shed or garage. It’s really up to the consumer what color they choose. If you are unsure as to what color is right for you, a list of color options and descriptions may be helpful at this point in the process. Not every company offers all the colors, depending on region and product, so be sure you inquire about availability before making a final selection.

  • Burgundy looks beautiful on farmhouse-style homes and cottages. It matches well with light colored siding such as light grey, stone, and white.
  • White is a classic color that goes well with everything. Because white reflects the sun so well, it is popular in both cold and hot climates and works well with plain/simple style homes as well as more upscale houses too.
  • Charcoal is another classic and blends well with all types of construction designs and colors. You can’t go wrong with charcoal!
  • Tan is the new “khaki” or Sierra Tan as it’s often referred to. This color works well on brick homes or natural-colored exterior like stone or stucco.
  • Black is one of the most popular colors in metal roofs. People like it for its ability to reflect the sun’s rays and looks amazing against almost any color siding or exterior.
  • Bronze or Burnished Slate is a unique choice as it appears one way early in the day and softens in the evening hours when the sun no longer gives it the brown/grey look seen in the daytime.
  • Blue, often in an Ocean Blue or Gallery Blue shade, is well matched with lightly colored siding or can be a stunning compliment to a log or wood cabin-style home.
  • Terra Cotta is a great option to request a sample of if you are interested in a rustic red or colonial red color for your roof. Terra Cotta typically comes in a variety of shades of red. Be sure you get what you expect by seeing it in person ahead of time.
  • Stone works perfectly with both dark and light exteriors. This is another color that is a classic and doesn’t involve a lot of risk.
  • Red and bright red colors look picturesque on farmhouse-style homes, colonials, and log cabins alike. This color stands out and makes an impact on almost any home, looking to provide some major curb appeal.
  • Brown just may be the most versatile color, matching well with a wide variety of colored and textured exteriors.
  • Green is popular among those with vinyl siding, stucco, or wood finishes. Depending on your region, you might hear this hue called Evergreen, Hunter Green, or Forest Green.

There are specialty colors too, such as:

  • Galvalume (unpainted) is a corrosion-resistant, zinc-aluminum alloy spangle that lasts a long time and is one of the most durable materials around. Typically, metal roofs start with Galvalume and then are primed and painted, but simply leaving Galvalume unpainted looks great too. In some ways, Galvalume appears white and in other light it appears grey. It is not shiny at all like galvanized metal.
  • Copper Penny Metallic has a metallic finish with speckles of metal throughout, making it shimmer and shine. This color comes in a few different varieties, but Copper Penny is by far the most popular due to its uniqueness, durability, and how it stands out among other homes.
  • Galvanized (unpainted) is known as the original metal roof, made of 100% zinc coating. Many people like the corrugated or 5V crimp profile style. This color looks amazing on rustic-looking homes such as a log cabin.
  • Rust is perfect for those who love the rusty-metal look, but don’t want a rusty roof that needs repair and could stain the exterior of the home. This rusty color is not for everyone, but some find it perfect for their needs.

HD Texture is a design that everyone should at least see and feel in person to get the true idea of what this design has to offer. This finish is also known as “frost” or “crinkle” and takes on a unique appearance of classic colors that most find stunning.

Design Choices of Metal Roofs

There are almost as many design choices of metal roofs as there are colors. The most popular design choices are Slate, Shake, Standing Seam, Victorian Shingle, Tile, and Diamond Shingle. No matter what you like, there is a design that fits your needs. Whether you like the look of a scallop roof or one that appears to be made from hand-split wood, you will be amazed by all a metal roof has to offer when it comes to style.

History of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs in America started to become popular in the 19th century and have been around since, gaining popularity more recently as a way to customize homes and add increased life expectancy to roofs. The timeless beauty of a metal roof guarantees they are here to stay. Expect more colors and styles to come about so there will always be something new that appeals to everyone.

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