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Why a Metal Roof Is Perfect for the Winter Months

Nov 10, 2021

When it’s time to upgrade your home or business’s roof, you’ll find many options to choose from. While traditional shingled roofs are still a popular choice, the durability and dependability of metal roofing is changing the game. Metal roofs work particularly well in harsh winter climates, but they can also protect homes from the challenges of summer weather.

Metal roofs continue to be a popular choice for new and experienced homeowners. They provide numerous options for color and look. It can outlast other materials, giving you a roof that can truly last a lifetime. This type of roof can survive extreme weather, making it a perfect durable option. Metal roofing is also great for those who are environmentally conscious because the material is recyclable and long-lasting. Finally, metal roofing is an excellent choice for those who must deal with extremes in temperature, both hot and cold.

Why Metal Roofing?

Residential homes use more energy for heating than cooling. It isn’t hard to assume that winter tends to be one of the longer seasons, depending on your location. The months are cold, and it is important to leave that cold air out of your home. Your roof plays a significant factor in your overall heating and cooling costs. While asphalt shingles are a common roofing material, when compared to metal roofing in areas of heating and cooling, metal comes out on top. Metal will not deteriorate; it looks new for decades and lasts approximately two to three times longer. Your heating and cooling costs can significantly impact your budget. Metal roofing helps regulate your internal temperatures, saving you 10 percent to 25 percent in heating and cooling costs.

Metal Roofing Styles

If you are interested in all the different benefits of metal roofing but still prefer the look of other materials, you’re in luck. Metal roofing can mimic slate, clay, tile, wood shakes, and asphalt. It is also available in various colors; some of the most recent popular choices include gray, black, and silver. Metal roofing comes in steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and tin. Styles include vertical seam, pre-formed panels, and granular coated panels. You’ll be able to select from shingles, slate, tile, and shakes. Metal roofing options are versatile, giving you the freedom to have a long-lasting, durable roof that still meets your personal style and tastes.

Weather and Your Roof

A metal roof is an intelligent investment year-round. In the summer, roof materials such as asphalt attract UV rays, leading to an increase in temperature in the attic space. This will ultimately end up circulating through your home, potentially leaving you to use your air conditioning more. UV rays bounce off the metal roof surface, keeping your home from unwanted temperature fluctuations. This interaction with nature carries through into the winter months. Asphalt can trap heat, which increases the temperature in your attic and ultimately through your entire home.

When a metal roof is properly designed and installed, it can stop fluctuations in temperature between the attic and the outdoor air. This reduces condensation build-up in the attic. Condensation build-up can lead to issues with the attic insulation, causing the need for repairs. In addition, condensation can lead to mold and respiratory issues for you and your family. A metal roof tends to hold close to the same temperature as the outdoor environment. So, in winter, the cold roof tends to keep snow on the roof, adding another layer of insulation.

Additional Perks of Metal Roof in Winter

When it comes to having a metal roof, there are numerous perks. Winter can be harsh, and severe weather can impact the life of your roof. Metal roofs were made to be durable and reliable. When it comes to the winter months, a metal roof offers excellent benefits, such as:

  • Installation in winter: You should check the exterior and interior of your house before winter to catch any issues that could arise later. Preparation is critical, but it is no guarantee. Even the most prepared individual can still be hit with unexpected damages. For example, a bad winter storm could impact the integrity of your roof. Luckily, metal roofing can be installed at any time, even in the middle of winter. This differs from shingles that would require special precautions before installation could be attempted.
  • Metal sheds snow: Metal roofing is designed to shed snow and ice. Heavy snow will simply slide off your roof when temperatures rise above freezing rather than weighing it down and threatening structural integrity. Metal roofing can also help stop ice damming at the eaves so water can’t back up and leak into the house. Metal roofing is also easily compatible with gutter heating cables. Some fear that this snow and ice slide can potentially be dangerous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If this is a concern, simply installing snow guards or heating cables can break the ice and snow into smaller sections. If you have a high-pitched roof, this sliding can happen regardless of your roof material choices.
  • Durability: Winter weather can do a number on your roof. Ice, hail, and debris can all damage it. Metal roofing can take a beating without any worry about its structural integrity. It can withstand wind conditions of over 140 mph, and it will not crack or corrode. Metal roofing is durable enough to withstand heavy impacts. While a great option for homes in cold weather climates, metal roofing protects homes from the impact of summer weather as well.

Metal Roofing Is a Great Option

Whether it is summer or winter, a metal roof is a great option that will last you a lifetime. Such roofs can withstand any weather conditions and can help reduce fluctuating temperatures in your home, improving your level of comfort and keeping your heating and cooling costs in check. Metal roofing in the winter helps you avoid any fear of damages caused by snow. You won’t have to worry about water pooling or finding its way into your home. Metal roofing is the perfect option for your home and family.

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