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Why Fall in Pennsylvania Is a Great Time to Install a Metal Roof

Aug 13, 2019

Pennsylvania homeowners get to enjoy some of the nicest weather in the country for part of the year and some of the harshest during the other parts, namely the summer and winter. While Pennsylvanians generally see very mild autumn months and breezy spring weather, the state experiences very hot and humid summers and very cold winters that often bring heavy snow and ice. If you are a Pennsylvania homeowner looking for ways to increase your home’s value, comfort, and aesthetic appeal or if you simply need to repair or replace your existing roof, fall can be the perfect time to consider a metal roof upgrade.

PA Summers Can Be Tough on Roofs

Traditional roofs with asphalt shingles typically last about 20 to 25 years under ideal conditions, but Pennsylvania’s weather is variable and often unpredictable. Some of the most common weather-related roof issues Pennsylvania homeowners face include:

● Damaged shingles from repeated wear-and-tear, hail, and severe winds.

● Dislodged shingles, which become a more common occurrence with time and can lead to water damage inside the home.

● Mold and mildew growth. PA is very humid during the summer, which can create ideal growing conditions on a cracked asphalt roof.

● Pest invasions. Permeable roofs like asphalt shingles are vulnerable when it comes to insects, squirrels, rodents, raccoons, birds, and other pests that may try to invade a home to nest. Pennsylvania is home to all types of wildlife, many of which often make their way into homes through damaged asphalt shingle roofs.

A metal roof not only prevents most of the problems associated with asphalt shingle roofs, but also provides many other distinct benefits. Like any other repair or renovation project to a home’s exterior, a metal roof installation project requires agreeable weather conditions. In Pennsylvania, the best time to schedule your metal roof installation is the fall.

Fall Offers Comfortable Weather for Outdoor Work

Roofers have a difficult and dangerous job. Construction is the most dangerous industry in the world, and roofers handle one of the most difficult types of construction jobs, often at high elevations. Take this into consideration when you schedule your metal roof installation. If you plan a project during the summer, your roofing team will face high temperatures, uncomfortable humidity levels, and increased sun exposure. During the colder months, roofers will need to wear warm, insulating clothing that may restrict range of motion and lead to injuries.

Fall is the ideal time to schedule your metal roof installation in Pennsylvania. The mild temperature means the roofing team can work in comfortable attire and fall generally has the lowest precipitation levels of any season in Pennsylvania. You’ll likely have more dry weather to work with, and your roofing team will have a greater chance of completing the job without contending with uncomfortable temperatures and heat and cold-related risks.

Winter Is Coming

One of the main benefits of choosing a metal roof is superior insulation and temperature regulation compared to asphalt shingles and other traditional roofing materials. The other major benefit of scheduling your metal roof installation during the fall months is doing so ensures your home will be ready for the winter weather with better protection against low temperatures, ice, and snow.

Winter is the most common time for Pennsylvania homeowners to encounter water damage from leaky roofs, missing shingles from snowmelt and winter storms, and high energy consumption from trying to keep their homes warm. Instead of repairing an asphalt shingle roof, replacing it with a metal roof can circumvent these common winter troubles and offer lasting protection. The average lifespan of a professionally installed and well-maintained metal roof is 75 to 100 years.

Fall Installation of a Metal Roof Means Savings in Winter and Year Round

Many Pennsylvania homeowners spend more on their monthly energy bills during the colder months. Their traditional asphalt shingle roofs allow warm inside air to escape. If the heating system can’t keep up with dropping outside temperatures, cold air will eventually find its way inside the home. Installing a metal roof this fall means your heating system won’t need to work as hard during the winter.

Metal roofs are fantastic thermal conductors, but the many layers of a metal roof will not allow the outside temperature to permeate the roof and alter the interior temperature of the home. The metal roof also absorbs and retains heat better than asphalt shingle roofs. In the summer, the many layers of the metal roof prevent this heat absorption from heating up the home’s interior, while at the same time it creates a heat barrier for the winter months that keeps the home warm and comfortable.

This fall, upgrade to a metal roof so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new metal roof as soon as the cold weather hits. You’ll start seeing energy savings compared to last winter, and your metal roof will consistently provide comfortable interior temperatures for the rest of the year, from the rainy mild spring through the harsh Pennsylvania summer.

Metal Roofs for PA Homeowners This Fall

Roof repairs and replacements are some of the most important and most expensive projects Pennsylvania homeowners will face. If it’s time for a roof replacement, a metal roof may come at a higher initial cost, but the long-term savings will be well worth it in the long run. Planning a home improvement project can be stressful, as homeowners have to balance their careers, their personal lives, and their families around home renovation projects. A roof replacement during very hot or very cold weather isn’t just uncomfortable for homeowners and their families, it will also be more dangerous for the roofing team and more likely to encounter delays.

During the mild Pennsylvania fall, which typically appears in late September or early October and lasts until early December, roofing crews can work in comfortable conditions while homeowners can have a more streamlined work process with a lower chance of interruption due to bad weather. This means metal roof installations can happen faster, more efficiently, and more safely, and Pennsylvania homeowners can start enjoying the benefits of their new metal roofs before the harshest weather of the year arrives.

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