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Will Metal Spanish Tile Look Good on My Minneapolis Home?

May 03, 2022

If you are making the decision to get a new roof, you have a lot to consider in terms of style. Maybe you’re really into terra cotta, earthy tones and like the look of individual tiles, so you are thinking you want a Spanish tile roof. But then again, is this really the best choice for your Minneapolis house, and will it even look good? Let’s look at all the variables involved in this decision and see why metal might be a better option than ceramic tiles.

What Is an Authentic Spanish Ceramic Tile Roof?

An authentic Spanish style roof is traditionally made with clay or concrete. This style has been in use for hundreds of years. Originating in China, then quickly moving to Europe and Asia, these clay tile roofs appeared in America sometime during the 17th century and were given the name Spanish tiles.

Spanish tile roofs are generally found in Florida, Georgia, the southwest United States, and southern California. Architecturally, many houses in these areas are often built with earthy tones in mind, which is one of the reasons homeowners choose this style of roof.

Reasons for Choosing a Spanish Tile Roof

There are many reasons people in Minneapolis may opt for a traditional Spanish tile roof, including:

● Long-lasting. These roofs can last decades and if taken care of properly, can last up to 100 years. If you live in an area with milder weather, there is a possibility of a 50-year warranty being offered.
● Reduced heat transfer. In certain areas of the country heat transfer into a building may be a concern, and if so, these roofs could be a good option. Since each tile is installed individually, it creates a natural ventilation system. The buildings end up keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold air out in the winter much better.
● Aesthetically pleasing. Most Spanish tile roofs come in earthy tones like browns and rustic reds. The terra cotta colors are appealing to the eye for many.
● Eco friendly. They are made from terra cotta clay or other types of clay, which are natural elements found on Earth and that are plentiful in supply. The tiles are also made without any chemicals or other hazardous materials, making them easier to recycle.
● Low maintenance. To maintain these roofs, they should be inspected professionally once or twice a year to check for leaks, water damage, debris, or any damages.
● Easy replacement. If there is any damage done to the tiles, the replacement is fairly easy because only those tiles that are actually damaged will need to be replaced.
● Fire-resistant. These roofs are not likely to catch fire.

Reasons for Not Choosing a Spanish Tile Roof

Just as there are factors as to why people choose Spanish tiles for a roofing material, there are several reasons why people may opt out of this style:

● Fragile. These tiles are extremely fragile, making them easy to crack, chip, and fall apart.
● High installation cost. Although the tiles themself are fairly reasonably priced, the installation price is not. The tiles are all individually installed, making it a very time-consuming process. All the time the professional roofers spend installing the tiles adds up, making them quite an expensive option.
● Heavy. The tiles are very heavy, weighing around 8 to 15 pounds per square foot. This extra weight can put more strain on the structure of a home. Only certain homes are structurally able to handle this extra weight.
● Added shipping cost. Since these tiles are so heavy, they always cost more to ship and transport.
● Slope requirements. Spanish tiles are only able to be installed on homes that meet the specific slope requirements. These tiles need to have a certain slope, so water is able to drain down them properly.
● Lacking in variety. These roofs come in color options that are more limited. If you do want the tiles in another color, other than the traditional earthy tones, you will have to pay a lot of extra money to get the color you want, if it’s even available.
● Only matches certain homes. Since these roofs have such a unique look, they don’t match many of the traditional homes found in the United States. Many neighborhoods also don’t allow them because they do not meet the HOA’s requirements.

Why a Metal Roof Is the Overall Better Option

Metal roofs date back to the 3rd Century BC in Siri Lanka. They became popular in the 17th century and were quickly a choice for homeowners in the United States beginning in the early 1800s.

Although metal roofs have their disadvantages such as mid- to high-rise costs (cheaper than ceramic tile), restrictions with HOAs, oil canning, and only being able to be installed by skilled professionals, these advantages outweigh the negatives:

● Longevity. These roofs last decades and many come with a 40-plus year warranty. Some metal materials like zinc and copper can last over 100 years.
● Lightweight. Metal roofs are very lightweight in comparison to ceramic tiles. In fact, they are five times lighter than clay.
● Durability. These roofs are the strongest and most resistant to puncturing, breaking apart, and degrading. They are known to last against strong winds, falling debris, rain, snow, ice, hail, mold, and mildew.
● Long slope ability. Unlike the Spanish tile roofs, metal roofs do not have to meet a slope requirement in order to be installed on a home.
● Highly recyclable. Although some ceramic tile roofs are recyclable as well, metal roofs are 100% recyclable.
● Low maintenance. These roofs only require cleaning and surface-level maintenance every 18 months. An in-depth structural maintenance done by a professional should be completed every two years.
● Unlimited color choice. Metal roofs have an unlimited color palette and oftentimes come with a paint warranty.
● Energy savings. These roofs help reduce heat transfer, and can save you money on your energy bill.
● Fire resistance. Metal roofs are Class-A fire rated, making them the most resistant material to catching fire.

Simulated Spanish Tile

Perhaps you really like the look of a Spanish style roof, but you don’t think ceramic tiles are for you. Maybe you also like all of the advantages that a metal roof has to offer. There is a solution for this, and it’s called simulated Spanish tile.

Simulated Spanish tile is a metal roof that is made to look like the traditional ceramic tile roofs. They come in a met-tile option which means they look like individual tiles, but they are actually larger panels.

These panel-style roofs take less time to be installed and are a fraction of the weight of a ceramic tile. Up to 80 individual tiles come on a panel, and they are much more sustainable during high wind situations and in fires. They have a lower transportation cost and come in a variety of finishes including low-gloss, fade, and chalk-resistant.

Simulated Spanish tile essentially gives you the exact look of a ceramic tile roof, but with all the advantages of a metal roof.

When it comes to choosing a roof, a lot comes into play about what is the best choice for your Minneapolis home. Whether it be your style choice, your budget, the environment you live in, the location of your house, or a variety of other factors, it’s important to look at all the variables before making a decision.

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