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Winter Advantages of Metal Roofs In Wichita Kansas

Jan 03, 2022

Throughout the year in Wichita Kansas, there are many perks to having a metal roof installed above your home – from summer to winter, and beyond.

During the winter months, especially, metal roofing proves to be the superior option to standard asphalt shingling. A metal roof can help property owners to stay warm and cut down on heating costs throughout the season.

Why Not Asphalt Shingles During the Winter?

First, let’s address why homeowners should steer clear of asphalt shingling if they’re looking to save energy and money this winter.

To this day, asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials. This is especially true for residential properties. However, as we’ve seen, this is far from the perfect material for anyone trying to make their life just a bit easier.

Despite their typical thirty-year warranty, asphalt shingles often fail to hold up against dire weather conditions. In fact, harsh weather (such as heavy snowfall) can cause shingling to deteriorate much faster than was promised. Asphalt is notorious for falling apart due to weather, leading to an increased need for repairs and even roofing replacement.

During the manufacturing process, it’s easy for asphalt shingles to be set up for wintertime failure. Early on, asphalt is treated with enough air to prevent melting on hot summer days. However, when the asphalt is faced with more air than necessary, the roof can weaken and become prone to deteriorating.

It’s also easy for ice and snow to become trapped beneath or between your shingles. Even if you back up your home with additional insulation, it’s still possible for the buildup of ice or snow to cause a serious roof leak.

Why Stick with Metal Roofing in the Winter?

Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs are far more adept at handling harsh weather conditions. For one, they are far less prone to damage – asphalt roofs typically need more repairs than your standard metal roof.

Here are some of the top benefits of having a metal roof during the winter.

Better Energy Efficiency

Heat preservation and insulation are important during the winter. If Wichita your roof isn’t keeping heat within your home, your HVAC system will need to work harder to warm it. Ultimately, this leads to a higher heating bill.

Metal roofs supply fantastic insulation to homes and other properties. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are prone to transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside.

It is possible for snow and water to slide off of a metal roof with ease. This is one of the reasons why they are such effective insulators, better at preserving heat than many other roofing types. If you have asphalt shingling, snow is considerably more prone to getting trapped on your rooftop.

Thanks to its heat preservation capabilities, less heat is going to escape from your home during the winter. This is already the time when your heating bill is at its highest, so whenever you have a roof that isn’t energy efficient, you’re driving these numbers up even further. A high-quality metal roof can help property owners to minimize their winter heating bills.

A Natural Snow Removal Method

Over the years, an asphalt roof is likely to become rough and brittle. This isn’t the case for metal roofs, however – often, a metal roof will stay smooth and even. For this reason, it’s easier for water and snow to slide off your roof, rather than getting stuck on top of your home.

Not only does this characteristic help property owners to preserve heat, but it can also help prevent leaks. When snow falls onto an asphalt roof, it’s easy for it to get caught in the nooks and crannies. The brittle texture only makes it more difficult for water and snow to slide off on their own. Instead, they’ll begin to build up.

Once snow and ice melts, this can result in large quantities of water being trapped on top of your roof. The more water that’s stuck on your rooftop, the more likely it is that a leak will form.

Leaky roofs are a serious problem. Once a leak develops, it will often grow progressively more severe, if it isn’t repaired. With a leak comes water damage, which can be disastrous for any home or property. Then, mold can begin to grow, posing a health hazard to those residing within the structure.

When a leak is severe enough, it’s even possible for the structure of your home to sustain damage. A damaged structure can put your entire family at risk – not only is it expensive to repair, but it’s also unsafe.

A Better Warranty (Compared to Asphalt Shingles)

Another advantage of metal roofing relates to the warranty. While it’s typical for asphalt shingles to come with a thirty-year warranty, metal roofs frequently feature a warranty of around fifty years. This is because a well-maintained metal roofing system can go up to 100 years before requiring a replacement – far more than an asphalt roof.

The longer warranty is just further proof of metal roofing’s superior durability.

How Can I Improve My Metal Roof’s Insulation?

By its nature, a metal roof that’s correctly installed will offer fantastic installation. Even so, there are ways you can improve your roof’s heat preservation capabilities even further.

You could consider installing heating cables, for instance. When you install a roof heating cable, it’s easier to stop snow and ice from accumulating on your rooftop. It’s never a good idea to sprinkle rock salt on your roof – instead, consider melting away snow and ice with one of these devices.

Finally, you can opt for heat tape instead. Heat tape is like heating cables in that it can help reduce snow accumulation on top of your home. However, this is a more mobile snow-melting option.

Property owners can benefit from having a metal roof installed, no matter the time of year. Still, during the winter, there are some especially attractive perks: You can better preserve heat inside your home, leading to improved energy efficiency and lower heating bills. Metal roofing also functions as a slide for snow and water to slip off of, without getting trapped and causing leaks.

If you’re in the market for a new roofing system this winter, then a metal roof is the way to go.

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