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What Cincinnati Homeowners Should Know: The Real Cost of Metal Roofing What Cincinnati Homeowners Should Know: The Real Cost of Metal Roofing

What Cincinnati Homeowners Should Know: The Real Cost of Metal Roofing

Most Cincinnati homeowners know that a new roof is going to cost thousands of dollars regardless of the material the homeowner selects. The cost can encourage people to go for the least expensive option. Metal roofing has a bigger upfront cost than asphalt roofing; however, there are a host of reasons why homeowners who choose metal roofs make their money back and more in savings.

Metal Roofs Are Cost Effective

A metal roof may cost more to install than an asphalt shingle roof. A metal roof lasts between 40 and 60 years, but an asphalt roof will last less than half that time. The upfront costs of metal roofs are greater, but there is almost no maintenance required, which saves thousands of dollars over the life of the roof.

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

A metal roof does something very special that other roofs don’t do: It reflects heat from the sun away from the house rather than absorbing it. This means a house with a metal roof won’t have excess heat for the air conditioning unit to fight against in the summer. By reflecting away that heat a metal roof is saving its owner money on the energy bill.

A metal roof also lends itself to improvements. An owner looking to upgrade his or her house to a green home should have a metal roof. Metal roofs are prime bases for solar panels, which can cut down energy bills even more and promote self-sustainability in a home. Furthermore, metal roofs are safe to use with rain collection operations. Metal roofs help collect rainwater for the garden or other household needs, which can lower a home’s water bill.

Metal Roofs Protect from Other Costs

Metal roofs are fire resistant, which means if a nearby house catches fire or there is a forest fire nearby, the roof can protect the house from falling embers and burning branches catching the house on fire. Mildew and mold have a difficult time growing on a metal roof, so the roof can protect the home from this destructive flora.

Pests will find it difficult to burrow into the attic via a metal roof. The roof is waterproof due to the system of interlocking panels, so a homeowner will not have to worry about water damage. Metal roofs are perfect for area like Ohio that receive snow because it easily slides off metal roofs and doesn’t form ice dams. Ice dams cause significant damage to traditional roofs and also allow heat to escape from the dwelling, which makes a home’s heater work harder, increasing energy bills.

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