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Questions You Should Ask if You Are Considering a New Metal Roof This Spring in Ohio Questions You Should Ask if You Are Considering a New Metal Roof This Spring in Ohio

Questions You Should Ask if You Are Considering a New Metal Roof This Spring in Ohio

Spring has arrived, and sunny days are ahead in Ohio. This is the perfect time for Ohio homeowners to have a new roof installed. If you are like many other homeowners today, you have already discovered the benefits of choosing a metal roof over other roofing materials. Metal roofs offer unbeatable energy-efficiency, the most broad selection of colors and styles available, and a lifespan that exceeds many other traditional roofing materials. Like most other Ohio homeowners, you probably have questions about metal roofing installation, maintenance, and benefits. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding metal roofs.

Do Metal Roofs Affect Utility Bills?

Metal roofs are great at reflecting the sun’s rays and deflecting heat away from your attic. They have a low emissivity and can reflect over 90% of the sun’s rays. This means less work for your home’s air conditioning system and direct savings on energy utility bills. Homeowners often see a 20%-30% reduction in their air conditioning bill. When the cold Ohio winter rolls around next year, you will also be prepared to see utility savings. Heating bills are often decreased by 10% after proper installation of a metal roof.

How Well Do Metal Roofs Withstand the Elements?

Rain, wind, snow, and hail are weather conditions we see throughout the year here in Ohio. The elements can have devastating effects on many of your home’s exterior features. That’s why you need a durable metal roof to protect your family from the unpredictable climate. Metal roofs are constructed in such a way that moisture penetration from rain and snow is virtually impossible. A high quality metal roof will also stand up to hail and not chip from impact. It also maintains its resistance over time. Metal roofing is also specially designed and tested to stay in place in the highest wind conditions. A metal roof will be able to stand up to anything mother nature has to throw at it in Ohio.

Does My Existing Roof Need to Be Removed?

When you choose a metal roof, one benefit is that the existing roof doesn’t need to be torn off first in most circumstances. Roofing contractors apply a watertight synthetic underlayment over the old roofing material before installing the roof. However, if you already have two layers of roofing on your home, the National Building Code of 2006, does require the roof to be removed before the new one is installed.

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

A quality metal roof is one of the most durable types of roofing you can choose for your Ohio home. Many companies offer lifetime warranties that guarantee the product against manufacturing and installation defects, but it is truly difficult to put a lifespan on a metal roof. Most homeowners see metal roofs last at least 40-60 years. There are metal roofs in existence, however, that are well over 100 years old.

Are Metal Roofs Environmentally Friendly?

Metal Roofs are not only beautiful and resilient, but they are much better for the environment than other roofing materials. Billions of pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into American landfills every year. This takes up valuable landfill space and creates a danger of toxic chemicals leaching into the groundwater. Metal roofs often eliminate the need for asphalt to be dumped in the landfill, as they can usually be installed right over your old roof. In addition to these benefits, metal roofing materials use a great deal of recycled steel. The content of recycled material in metal roofing is about 56%.

Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

One common misconception about metal roofing is that it is noisy because it is metal, however, that’s not true. As a homeowner in Ohio, you may be concerned that spring storms will create an unwanted symphony on your roof. However, modern metal roofing materials are not really any noisier than other roofing materials. Textures in the metal prevent the reverberation that most people associate with flat metal roofing. Furthermore, the insulation in your attic will absorb most of the sound caused by rain and other precipitation on the roof.


Are Metal Roofs More Expensive Than Other Materials?

The return on investment over the lifetime of a metal roof is well worth the investment. While the initial cost is a bit higher than other roofing materials, such as asphalt, the savings you will receive over time far outweigh the initial cost. Metal roofs are more energy-efficient than other roofs are, so homeowners start seeing the savings in their utility bills right away. Maintenance is generally very minimal, so the cost of repairs over time is virtually non-existent. A metal roof will increase the resale value of your home and will last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the roof every 20 years or so, as you do with asphalt.

Do Metal Roofs Rust?

If you are familiar with the rainy spring days in Ohio, you have probably questioned whether metal roofs get rusty. Rest assured, one of the great features about metal roofs is that they maintain their beauty for years with no worry of rusting.  Manufacturers generally guarantee metal roofs against rust for up to 50 years.  Panels are coated with Galvalume, which is a mixture of aluminum and zinc that protects against rust. The metal is then coated with a waterproof, UV resistant surface that repels rust and corrosion.

This spring is the time to invest in your family’s safety and the beauty of your home in Ohio. If your roof is showing the wear and tear that the harsh elements of Ohio’s climate causes, a metal roof is a perfect way to improve curb appeal, increase the value of your home, and ensure you will not have to replace the roof again for a lifetime. These roofs are durable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. They are a perfect choice for modern homes in Ohio. Talk to a metal roofing contractor today to make plans to have your new roof installed before summer, so you can start seeing the savings on your utility bills right away.

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