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Metal Roofing Experts Installing Roofing Systems on Nashville TN Homes

NashvilleNashville, Tennessee, is known for its great music and even better food—but homeowners can also attest to its harsh weather conditions. Winter snowstorms and summer rainstorms can wear down on your home’s roof over time. So, before Mother Nature’s next storm, you should consider hiring the metal roofing experts at Erie Home for a roof replacement.

Erie Home is your local metal roofing contractor that installs unique stone-coated steel roofing systems on residential properties across the state. We were founded in 1976, and since then, we have helped thousands of homeowners with their metal roofing projects. Not only will our roofing keep your home secure, but it will also add curb appeal to your property thanks to its beautiful appearance.

Our Stunning Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

The residential roofing experts at Erie Home are factory-trained and -certified to install our exclusive stone-coated steel roofing systems. While most traditional metal roofs are composed of overlapping metal panels, our roofing is entirely different. We understand many homeowners want the advantages of metal roofs, but the beauty of shingles and tile are also alluring. That’s why our stone-coated steel roofs combine the two. They have all the same benefits of traditional-looking metal roofs, but they resemble:

Additionally, our steel roofs can be completely customized to your specifications. After picking which design you want for your new roof, you can choose a color from our variety of options.

Exceptionally Durable Metal Roofing Near You

Metal roofs are touted as being incredibly strong and resistant to a number of naturally occurring problems, which is why they are a popular choice for homeowners across the nation. The metal roofs installed by our metal roofing experts are resilient, and they will protect you and your home against harsh weather conditions, including rainstorms, snowstorms, hailstorms, extreme heat, and strong winds.

Our stone-coated steel roofing is also resistant to:

  • Rust
  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Moss

Plus, if you want an eco-friendlier and energy-efficient roofing system for your home, metal is a fantastic choice. Metal roofs are commonly made up of recycled materials, and thanks to their emissivity and reflectivity, they will keep your home cool during the hotter months. This means your HVAC unit won’t have to work quite as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and you could even see a dip in your monthly energy bills.

The Metal Roofing Contractor You Can Count On

Erie Home has been helping Nashville, TN, homeowners with their roofing projects for over 40 years, and we would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Our metal roofing experts are dedicated to excellence, and we won’t be satisfied until you absolutely love your new metal roofing system. For more information about our state-of-the-art stone-coated steel roofs, call us today.

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The installation team was a real pleasure dealing with. They were very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. They even took the time to make a cozy hang out in our yard with the fire ring and...
Dianne M.
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Great company. Good product and reasonable prices. Very professional. As a construction worker myself it's nice to see a contractor that is on the ball. I would definitely hire them again!
David B.
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The Sales reps were very informative and respected the fact that I had done significant research in advance. As such, I had to keep prompting them to skip the sales pitch and get to the...
Gary S.
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I'm most satisfied with the aesthetics of the overall job. The roof seems to be doing a great job, and I don't have any problems with my roof anymore.
Samantha P.
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Great company great experience. We love our roof and appreciate the salesman and install crews. We would defiantly recommend Erie to anyone.
Bob P.
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