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3 Big Ways Metal Roofs Help You Save on Your Monthly Bills 3 Big Ways Metal Roofs Help You Save on Your Monthly Bills

3 Big Ways Metal Roofs Help You Save on Your Monthly Bills

It’s no secret that metal roofing is a big investment. The cost is more considerable than asphalt shingles. A metal roof is a long-term commitment, because it will likely last 50-plus years. It also adds to the value and aesthetic of your house in a near-permanent way. Despite the considerable investment upfront, you will begin to see monthly savings almost immediately, thanks to your new roof. Here are three big ways you will save.


A new metal roof that qualifies as an Energy Star or “cool roof” creates air circulation that helps keep heat out when you want to stay cool, and heat in when you want to stay warm. Cool roofs have special granules that create a cooling effect for the summer months. These specially made roofs utilize the latest technology to provide your family with its smallest energy footprint yet.

The difference can add up to tens of dollars a month for almost anyone. However, if your previous roof was in disrepair, poorly installed, or poorly insulated – you can end up saving hundreds a month, particularly in cooling. Not only can you feel better about conserving energy, you can save money!

Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Everyone with a mortgage must have homeowner’s insurance. When you apply for it, the factors that decide your rate will likely be determined by a series of questions that establish knowledge of the condition of your home. Some factors that play in are safety, age, weather, age and condition of appliances, and age and condition of the foundation. A huge question on this list is: “What condition is the roof in?”

Installing a new roof can take your rates down from the get-go – metal or otherwise. However, metal roofing installation has the added benefit of being much more fireproof than traditional asphalt or wood shingles. Therefore, this could take your homeowners insurance premium down by as much as $100, maybe even more depending on the extent of the updates. These savings are highly varying, but the odds are in your favor with a new roof. Additionally, you have the added assurance that your roof is keeping you and your home much safer. Be sure to let your homeowner’s insurance provider know when you install a new roof, so that you can benefit from the savings.


Last, it must be noted that the longevity of a metal roof will save you money. Though these savings may not boast the same instant gratification as saving on your monthly bills has, they are significant nonetheless. Over the years, you will save the money you would otherwise be using for a new shingle roof that you know will need a replacement. Also, you are less likely to have to budget for damage or leaks when you have a properly installed, high-quality metal roof.

At the end of the day, after the initial expense, metal roofing does nothing but save you money. It does so while sheltering your home better than any other material. If you are interested in the benefits of metal roofs, contact us today.

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