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4 Tips to Care for Toledo Metal Roofs 4 Tips to Care for Toledo Metal Roofs

4 Tips to Care for Toledo Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and relatively easy to maintain. However, you shouldn’t let the convenience of having a metal roof keep you from performing regular maintenance!

While metal roofs don’t require as much upkeep as other roofing materials, Toledo homeowners should perform regular inspections and cleanings to remove debris, check for scratches, and check the structural integrity. This will ensure that your metal roof stays in top shape for a long time.

Regular Inspections

You should perform regular inspections of your metal roof to ensure that you don’t have any blockage, debris buildup, or other damage like scratches and stains. Known as surface maintenance, this practice keeps your roof clean and safe through basic clean-up tasks like drain clearing, gentle washing, and spot checks.

The frequency of these inspections depends on where you live. If you live in a mild climate with little extreme weather risk, you can perform regular inspections once per year or every 18 months. However, if you live in a place with heavy snow, rain, wind, or glaring sunlight, you should perform these inspections more often.

Clean Gutters and Drains

Your roof’s gutters and drains catch leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris, no matter what your roof is made of. This buildup can lead to clogs, water accumulation, and corrosion. At least once per year, clean out your gutters and drains.

Remove Leaves and Debris

If your roof catches leaves, sticks, and branches, remove them during the surface maintenance inspection. Check all of the dead valleys of your roof surface for debris as well. Dead valleys are sections of roof that meet on a downhill slope, and debris caught there can stain or scratch your roof’s surface.

Simple Cleaning Solutions

If you find dirt, mildew, scratches, or other unsightly stains on your metal roof, you can create simple cleaning solutions to get your roof back into shape. Common recipes and remedies include:

· For rust spots: rub a gentle scrubbing cleanser onto the spot using a clean cloth. Remove all the rust you can and rinse with water. Then, apply metal primer to seal the protected spot and cover up with a coat of paint. If you can’t remove all the rust with your cloth, you can sand the roof to remove the rest.

· For scratches: pour a little bit of mineral spirits onto a cloth and clean the scratched section of roof. Rinse and let dry. Finally, touch up with paint to cover scratches.

· For mildew, algae, or mold: mix 1/3 cup of powdered laundry detergent with 1 quart of bleach and 3 quarts of water. Use a soft brush or cloth to apply the solution, scrub, and rinse.

· For all other types of debris and dirt: mix a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water. Use a cloth to rub this solution onto the dirty surface and rinse with water.

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