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5 Signs It’s Time for a Roof Upgrade in Springfield 5 Signs It’s Time for a Roof Upgrade in Springfield

5 Signs It’s Time for a Roof Upgrade in Springfield

One of the most important elements of any home in Springfield, MO is the roof. Catching small problems before they turn into major issues can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in potential repair bills. If you are thinking of ways to increase energy efficiency, preserve your roof for longer, or simply need to replace an older roof, consider an upgrade to a metal roof.

Metal roofing materials offer distinct advantages over traditional roofing materials, and upgrading to a metal roof can be a fantastic investment for Springfield, MO homeowners. Check your roof inside and out for the following common signs of wear-and-tear. If you think it’s time to upgrade or replace your roof, think about the benefits of switching to a metal roof.

Signs of Damage in the Attic

To check the health of your home’s roof, don’t start looking at the outside. Investigate your attic or crawlspace below the roof. Inspect under the eaves of your roof and look for things like visible beams of light shining through holes, cracks in the roof, or signs of water damage. If your roof has a leak of any kind, water damage can worsen very quickly. Look for stains, water streaks, discoloration of the walls and eaves, or pooling water.

The main function of any roof is to protect the structure from precipitation. If a roof leaks, it won’t just be the attic that suffers. Water will stream down the path of least resistance, potentially damaging structural elements like framing, drywall, flooring, and insulation. The longer a roof leak persists, the more extensive the resulting water damage will be. Replacing a leaky roof may sound like an expensive process, but the cost of a new metal roof pales in comparison to the potential cost of repairing water-damaged structures throughout a home. Additionally, water damage creates an ideal breeding ground for mold, attracts pests, and may easily lead to a health hazard for the structure’s occupants.

Age of the Roof

Do you know how old your Springfield, MO home’s roof really is? Are you the home’s first owner, or is it an older home with a long ownership record? Check the home’s paper trail and see if you have any records of roof repairs in the last several years or any type of roof issue since you’ve owned the home. For example, if you have owned your home for 15 years and have never replaced the asphalt shingle roof, and you are unsure whether the previous owner replaced it before selling, your roof is likely due for an upgrade soon; most asphalt shingle roofs require replacement every 20 to 25 years.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading to a sturdier, more reliable roofing material. Many Springfield homeowners are choosing metal roofing material over traditional asphalt shingle roofs. When installed by experienced roofers, a metal roof can last 70 to 100 years with very little regular maintenance. As long as you plan to remain in the home long enough to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness, the initial price difference for a metal roof over a shingled one pales in comparison to the potential lifetime value of the metal roof.

Shingle Quality

Have you noticed any issues with your roof’s shingles? A few of the most common signs of shingles that have reached the end of their functional lifespan include:

● Missing shingles. Have you recently walked outside to mow your grass only to discover a roof shingle or two laying on your lawn? Shingles will dislodge as they reach the end of their lifespan. If you recently had storms in your area and start noticing shingles falling off the roof, this is a sign your home may need a roof replacement soon.

● Shingle granules in gutters. As older shingles deteriorate, small fragments and granules will fall away and collect in the gutters around the roof. These granules can impede the flow of rainwater through the gutters and can cause other debris to accumulate more easily.

Curling shingles. If your roof’s shingles lose their shape or start to warp, they need replacing sooner rather than later. Roof shingles should always lie flat against the roof surface.

Once you start noticing problems with your roof’s shingles, repairing or replacing the roof as soon as possible should become your priority. Allowing the roof to remain in disrepair will only lead to more expense and more stress as the damaged roof opens the door to water damage, pest infestation, and possibly even structural damage to the load-bearing elements of the home.

Drooping and Sagging

Take time to walk around your home and inspect the different angles of your roof. Do they look consistent, or does your roof appear to have sunken areas? Any drooping or sagging of your shingles could be a sign of problems with the boarding below the shingles, like water damage or wood rot. The lowest points of the roof, such as the edges near the gutters and the valleys that direct water into the gutters, are the most vulnerable areas when it comes to sagging, and this can easily lead to water damage inside the home if left unchecked for too long.


Houseplants may be a wonderful addition to the inside of your home, but you don’t want vegetation growing the home itself. Moss needs sunlight and moisture to thrive. It can obviously get plenty of sunlight on the top of a house, but, if moss is growing on a roof, this means it has access to a consistent supply of moisture. Any moisture trapped inside roof shingles or seams of the roof can create the perfect breeding ground for moss, mold, and various types of fungi. Not only can these growths damage roofing materials and lead to interior water damage, but they may also potentially lead to health hazards for the home’s occupants.

When It’s Time for an Upgrade, Consider a Metal Roof

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s roof, a metal roof can be a fantastic investment if you plan to remain in the home for a long time. Metal roofs offer better durability, longer lifespan, and fewer maintenance issues than traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles. While the initial investment may be a bit more expensive than a traditional asphalt shingle roof, the end result will be a functional, customizable, and durable roof that can last more than three times the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. Now that you know the five most common signs of a roof in need of repair, take time to inspect the roof of your Springfield, MO home and consider the benefits of upgrading to a metal roof.

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