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5 Ways a Metal Roof Affects Home Values in Springfield 5 Ways a Metal Roof Affects Home Values in Springfield

5 Ways a Metal Roof Affects Home Values in Springfield

Metal roofing has taken off in recent years. Once consigned to shipyards and industrial centers, the material is growing in popularity for residential roofing. The big change that made it all possible was the improvements in aesthetics. Previously only an ugly, functional type of roofing, metal roofing is now stylish and even beautiful.

Once the aesthetics improved, people turned more and more to metal roofing as they realized its advantages over more traditional materials. One of these advantages is the improved resale value of homes with metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Wins Out

When you compare metal roofing to the more common asphalt shingles, a clear winner emerges. When we look at the most important categories, the things that matter most to people who are about to make what may be the biggest purchase of their lives, metal roofing usually proves to be the better option.

Consider the following benefits when trying to decide which material is best for your Missouri home:

• Cost. An important decision in any purchase, neither side is a clear winner here. The metal roof is a greater initial investment, usually falling between $5.50 and $12.00 per square foot. Shingles are usually between $2.50 and $7.50. The two ranges overlap to some extent, but generally metal roofs cost more. Metal roofs do last longer, though – this is an important factor to keep in mind. You will pay less in the long run for a metal roof than you would pay for shingles, constant repairs, and required replacements.

• Property value. Some metal roofs come with a lifetime guarantee. You can recoup your initial investment when you aren’t fixing or replacing your asphalt shingles. If you decide to sell your home, metal roofing means you will be able to command a higher asking price.

• Lifespan. Metal roofs take this category, no question. On average, you will need to replace your shingles every 17 years. Metal roofs generally last as long as your house. Many metal roofs come with a lifetime warranty or guarantee.

• Weight. Shingles are heavier than metal roofs, which surprises many people. A lighter roof is easier to install and, in some cases, roofers can install a metal roof over a pre-existing roof of asphalt shingles, which makes the switch to a metal roof less expensive.

• Sound. Rain can cause a stir on a metal roof, but modern-day techniques have nearly eliminated this problem. Plywood sheeting and the right kind of sound-deadening insulation will prevent the rain from keeping you up at night.

• Ambient temperature. Metal roofs reflect back a lot of the sun’s rays, which in summertime mean the house remains cooler and the cost of air conditioning is lower than with a traditional roof. Some believe that metal roofs lose too much heat in the winter, but the truth is that no roof can effectively keep heat in by design alone. Roofs require insulation to regulate temperature. This material, installed underneath the roof, plays a critical role in preventing heat from escaping during colder months.

• Recycling. Shingles are non-recyclable while metal roofs are sometimes fully recyclable. Often, metal roof producers make their products out of recycled content. This makes them an environmentally friendly option.

• Style options. Do you prefer the look of Spanish tile or classic shingling? Metal roofs come in multiple colors, textures, and finishes. You can mimic nearly any roof styles using versatile metal materials.

How Do Metal Roofs Affect Resale Value?

Once you choose to go with metal roofing for your Springfield home, you are making an investment in your home’s value. Ordinary shingles give you back about 70% of their cost when you sell your home. On the other hand, metal roofs can boost your property value for a number of reasons:

• House fires. Metal roofs will not catch on fire, we promise. Asphalt shingles are practically fire starters and even a small bolt of lightning can get them burning. Metal roofs, on the other hand, actually protect your house against lightning. Shingled roofs also tend to collapse inward when a fire compromises your home’s integrity. In contrast, metal roofs have fewer parts and are therefore sturdier.

• Safe to walk on. You never know when an asphalt shingle is going to slip and send you tumbling to the ground below. Metal roofing is much safer as long as it is not wet. Also, you can opt for a granular stone finish, which gives the grip of asphalt without the slip of asphalt. Newer metal roofs also have increased structural support to make walking even safer.

• Durability. Metal roofs will last for 50 years and maybe longer. A buyer knows he will not have to replace the roof and that relief from an expense turns into higher resale value. Many companies also offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty, which acts as a peace-of-mind bonus when it comes time to sell your house.

Eco-friendly. Many people take their environmental impact into account when they make big decisions. Metal roofs are a good choice for the environment because they are recyclable. Steel is the most recyclable material for roofing and many manufacturers opt for recycled steel when constructing roof materials. Even if the house falls down, you can melt down the roof and use it to make another roof, or start a different project all together.

• Temperature. Metal roofs, depending on their features, reflect a lot of the sun’s light, which keeps houses from heating up and reduces air conditioning expenses during the summer. Contrary to what some believe, metal roofs are not heat leaks during the cold months. The quality and thickness of insulation under the roof are what matters in this respect.

For the best value, choose a metal roof for your Missouri home. With this material, you will not compromise style for strength or longevity for cost. Purchasing a metal roof is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home, whether for resale purposes or to keep your home beautiful for years to come.

“They did a great job from start to finish. They were kind, courteous, knowledgeable, they answered my questions, and kept us up to date. I was disappointed with other companies that we used before but Erie Construction was quick and it was done right the first time.”

– Aaron J, Elizabethtown, PA

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