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6 Best Designs for Your Roofing Needs 6 Best Designs for Your Roofing Needs

6 Best Designs for Your Roofing Needs

Metal roofing has evolved to offer many more options besides just metal sheets. You now have the opportunity to pick a specific style of roof that you believe would fit the best with your home. Varied choices for roofs give you a new way to further personalize your home for you and your family. There are many different types and looks for metal roofs so you can find the ideal look.

Metal Shakes

Metal shakes are designed to look like natural wood shakes. However, metal shakes are distinctive from wood shakes. Metal shakes are intentionally staggered when they are placed so that the pattern of shakes does not appear in vertical repetition. They are designed to appear to have more texture than shingles. Steel metal shakes are often coated in Kynar powder or post-forming stone so that all of the cracks and small openings can be sealed, reducing the likelihood of any leaking or cracking.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles offer a traditional, standard look without requiring all of the maintenance of wooden shingles. Because they have a standard appearance, they are often chosen for people who want to have a more modest looking home in their neighborhood.

Metal Tile

Metal tile roofs have a wide variety of colors and styles. You can have a home with a Mediterranean look, an S-Serpentine look, and many more. Metal tiles are usually made in large sheets. Installing large sheets makes the work go faster, saving you money on installation costs.

Metal Slates

Metal slates are made of steel, aluminum, and copper to be able to look like natural slate. The benefits of metal slate over natural slate are that it can be 30 to 50% less expensive and is much lighter, helping increase the lifespan of older, more delicate buildings.

Standing Seam

Standing seam has become one of the most popular options for metal roofing in the past few decades. It offers a contemporary look that pairs well with many different styles of home. When choosing standing seam roofing, it is vital to look at the dimensions of your roof so that the panels can look natural. Choosing a panel size that would fit on a larger, commercial roof will make your home look less personal. Standing seam roofing is designed so that water will run down the panels, making it resistant to leaking and water damage.

Sheet Roofing

The options for sheet roofing are vast. It is usually made galvalume or galvanized steel. The distinctive look of sheet roofing comes from wide panels of metal that overlap and have fasteners that are exposed. It has the appearance of a rural or historical home, especially if the panels are left unpainted. It is one of the easiest types of roofing to install and is economical.

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