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6 Reasons Why Indianapolis Homeowners Should Consider Metal Roofs 6 Reasons Why Indianapolis Homeowners Should Consider Metal Roofs

6 Reasons Why Indianapolis Homeowners Should Consider Metal Roofs

Indianapolis area homeowners have many options when it comes to home improvement projects to increase energy efficiency, address structural issues, and improve the livability of their homes. A metal roof offers many distinct advantages over traditional roofing options like asphalt shingles and is tremendously cost-effective for Indianapolis homeowners who want to increase the long-term value of their homes. If you’re interested in a metal roof or your current roof needs repair or replacement, consider the benefits of investing in a new metal roof.


Asphalt shingles wear down over time, eventually shedding their granules into gutters and even dislodging from the roof during intense weather. Indianapolis homeowners could start noticing displaced shingles laying in their lawns after storms or even water leaking into the attic during heavy rain. Asphalt shingles require fairly consistent attention and occasional maintenance. Once a homeowner notices missing, damaged, or discolored shingles, roof repair or replacement will likely become a concern very soon.

Metal roofs, by contrast, are extremely durable, able to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and hail without suffering damage or compromising water protection. Metal roofs will require maintenance eventually, but they generally outlast asphalt shingle roofs by a sizeable margin with proper installation.


A professionally installed asphalt shingle roof under ideal conditions will last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, many Indianapolis homeowners will experience less-than-ideal weather conditions at some point. The typical wear-and-tear that affects asphalt shingles doesn’t have the same impact on metal roofs. A properly installed standing seam metal roof can last anywhere from 70 to 100 years or more with a fraction of the maintenance requirements of an asphalt shingle roof.

It doesn’t take much for Indianapolis homeowners to assess the cost-benefit of installing a metal roof. Installation is generally more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roof installation, but the tradeoff comes with a vastly longer lifespan. As long as you intend to remain in your home long enough to reap the savings benefits, a metal roof can mean nearly a century of your family hardly ever needing to worry about the home’s roof.


Asphalt shingle roofs require replacement every 20 years, and the asphalt shingles taken off old roofs contribute to billions of pounds of landfill waste every year. Metal roofs cost much less energy to produce, last much longer than shingles, and are 100% recyclable even when they reach the very end of their lifespans. Modern homeowners are more environmentally conscious than previous generations, so Indianapolis homeowners looking for more sustainable options for home improvement should consider upgrading to metal roofs.

In addition to recyclability and lower energy consumption for manufacturing, metal roofs also increase a home’s energy efficiency by improving heating and cooling. Indianapolis has a variable Midwestern climate with a rainy season, warm, humid summers, and cold winters with lots of snow. A metal roof can absorb direct sunlight without letting it penetrate into the home, and the security of a standing seam metal roof will prevent warm air from escaping in the colder months. The home’s heating and cooling system won’t need to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures, meaning savings on energy bills and minimizing the need for heating and cooling repairs on overworked systems.


While Indianapolis area homeowners may not have as much reason to worry about wildfires as citizens of California, metal roofs still offer better fire protection than other types of roofing materials, potentially slowing the spread of a fire to avoid damage that would completely destroy a home with a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofs also prevent fires from igniting due to lightning strikes. Indianapolis receives quite a bit of rainfall each year, so extra storm protection is a good idea for any homeowner in the area.

Home Value Appreciation

Many factors determine the value of a home. Ownership history, improvements made over time, location, and amenities included with sale all influence the sticker price when it’s time to sell a house. If you plan to one day sell your home and move to a new one, the improvements you make during the years you spend in the home will dramatically influence the resale price. Investing in a metal roof makes your home instantly more attractive to many potential buyers.

Savvy homebuyers will know to ask important questions about a home before committing to a purchase, and inquiring about the health of the roof is a crucial one. A potential buyer will be far less likely to want to invest in a home that will need a new roof in five years than one with a twenty-year-old metal roof that won’t require replacement for another 50 years or more. Most metal roofing material manufacturers offer extensive warranties, and the warranty will also transfer to the buyer after sale. A metal roof upgrade not only boosts the resale value of your home but also makes it more attractive to potential buyers due to the long-term value it can offer.

Design Versatility

In addition to the practical benefits of upgrading to a metal roof like energy savings and increased roof lifespan, metal roofs offer distinct aesthetic benefits, too. Metal roofs are sleek, minimalist, and pleasing to the eye. Indianapolis homeowners have many different options for materials, styles, and colors to fit with various types of exterior home aesthetics. Aluminum, copper, zinc, and galvanized steel are just a few material options, and leading metal roofing material manufacturers offer various colors to fit any design ideas you might have for your home’s exterior.

Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, aluminum offers design versatility and malleability, but it is expensive and softer than other metals and more vulnerable to denting. Zinc is incredibly resistant to corrosion, but its main use is as a coating for steel plates or as a component of zincalume alloy, a mixture of zinc, aluminum, and steel. Copper is incredibly strong, offers superior snow shedding performance, and can last up to 100 years with minimal maintenance. However, oxygen creates a greenish patina on copper over time that may be unappealing to some homeowners.

Ultimately, Indianapolis homeowners have lots of options when it comes to metal roofing materials, styles, and construction. Standing seam or corrugated metal roofing can offer fantastic protection, increased energy efficiency, and tremendous long-term savings. Thanks to the versatility of available design options, Indianapolis homeowners can have durable, reliable, and aesthetically beautiful roofs with unbeatable value.

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