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6 Reasons You Should Choose Metal Roofing on Your St. Louis Home 6 Reasons You Should Choose Metal Roofing on Your St. Louis Home

6 Reasons You Should Choose Metal Roofing on Your St. Louis Home

With so many roofing options, what makes metal roofs more beneficial? There are many advantages to metal roofing, including life expectancy, weight, ease of installation, and fire resistance. For anyone in St. Louis in need of a full roof replacement, the following information can improve your insight into the benefits a metal can provide.


Metal is an incredibly durable material that is not as vulnerable to water damage as asphalt is. This means you won’t need to have as many repairs and replacements done on a metal roof. In addition, the durability of a metal roof will keep you and your home protected from the elements. In fact, metal roofs can withstand the impact of hail, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, while traditional asphalt roofing materials tend to sustain damage when exposed to these conditions.

Low Maintenance

While you should have your roof professionally inspected at least once a year to make sure it’s in good shape and doesn’t need any repairs, metal roofing doesn’t require the same type of maintenance that alternative roofing materials need.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Metal is known as an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for roofing. Since metal roofing materials are 100 percent recyclable, most metal roofs consist of 30 to 60 percent recycled components. You can also have a metal roof installed on top of your current roof, which reduces the impact of material elimination on the environment.

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Investing in metal roofing conserves energy and saves money on utility bills. With the ability to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce heat absorption in the summer, metal roofing can help keep your Missouri home comfortable during the warmer months and drastically decrease your monthly energy expenses. During the winter, metal roofing can be just as effective as any other roofing material at providing insulation and keeping your home warm and toasty.

They Have Longer Lifespans

While metal roofs are one of the more expensive options available, they often last much longer and do not come with the same excessive maintenance costs as other materials. Metal roofs have a functional lifetime of around 40 to 70 years, whereas conventional asphalt roofing materials have an average life expectancy of only 10 to 20 years.

Metal Offers Style and Design Options

Metal roofs are available in numerous colors and styles, giving homeowners a chance to choose a design that has the potential to highlight the unique architectural qualities of their homes.

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