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A 4-Step Guide to Metal Roofs and Your Homeowners’ Association A 4-Step Guide to Metal Roofs and Your Homeowners’ Association

A 4-Step Guide to Metal Roofs and Your Homeowners’ Association

Many people live in subdivisions with homeowners’ associations (HOAs). While these organizations help keep neighborhoods safe and attractive for all, they can also create rules that make upgrades to your home more difficult. When it comes time to upgrade your roof, it can feel like the HOA is infringing on your freedom to select the material that you love. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. In most cases, you and your HOA can reach an understanding, even if it requires a bit of compromise. Here are four simple steps to help in the process of acquiring permission to install a metal roof:

Identify the President of the HOA

Typically, a notable member of your neighborhood will be the president or chairman/chairwomen of the HOA in your neighborhood or subdivision. Though the HOA has a broader reach, the rules of each neighborhood are often largely determined by a few people who live there. Getting to know the leaders in your HOA, if you don’t already know them, is a great first step for gaining permissions for any home improvement project. The next time you’re at a community meeting, be sure to introduce yourself.

A Respectful Email or Phone Call

It isn’t necessary to head into the conversation of replacing a shingle roof with a metal one on the defensive. It’s quite possible that the HOA will be completely open to the idea, or that you’re not the first to ask. Start with a friendly call or email to ask the initial question of whether metal roofing is an acceptable option in your neighborhood.

If They Need Convincing – Start With the Facts

If your HOA is not initially keen on the idea of your metal roof installation, it may help to shed light on the subject with a few facts he or she may not know. For instance, you could explain that a metal roof holds up better to snow, lasts longer, and will save you money on your energy bills. Also, you could express how much it means to you that metal roofing is 90% or more recycled and recyclable. Often, showing that you understand the subject can go a long way. Your HOA may even change its stance because of the knowledge you share.

Send Pictures of the Roof You Want

Whether you are having trouble convincing your HOA or not, sending along a few pictures of the kind of roof you intend to install is a great place to start. This will illustrate to them how aesthetically pleasing your new roof can be. Additionally, metal roofing and metal shingles are so versatile, you can likely find an option that barely looks different from your neighbors roofing. This shows your HOA it is possible to reap the benefits of metal roofing, while still conforming to the norms of your neighborhood visually.

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