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A Guide to Metal Roof Maintenance A Guide to Metal Roof Maintenance

A Guide to Metal Roof Maintenance

An average metal roof will last for up to seventy years. In some cases, when a roof is well-maintained, it’s possible for it to last even longer.

Compared to many other roofing materials, metal roofs stand out due to their high level of durability. For instance, extreme weather conditions, such as hail or snowstorms, can cause asphalt shingles to become severely damaged. A damaged roof is never a desirable situation – it can put the integrity of your home and those within it at risk, if the damage stays unrepaired. This kind of damage can also be costly to have repaired.

If you want to get the most out of your metal roof, including the best possible durability, you’ll need to keep maintenance in mind. Although metal roofing doesn’t need as much maintenance as asphalt, there’s still a level of upkeep involved.

Here’s an overview of what metal roof maintenance typically entails – fortunately, it’s not difficult for most property owners to manage.

Keep Your Metal Roofing System Clean

Substances like dirt, mildew, and pollen can accumulate on top of your metal roof, over time. It’s also possible for the metal itself to grow rusty or face water-staining. In other instances, dangerous chemicals could even damage your metal roof – this can occur due to acid rain, for example.

Each of these scenarios can do damage to a metal roofing system, regardless of the material’s overall durability. When you fail to keep your roof clean, there could be a reduction in its longevity.

Sometimes, it’s possible to clean a metal roof using water, assuming the stains aren’t too stubborn. Other times, however, cleaning tools (like a microfiber cloth) and a cleaning agent may be necessary to clear away stains. To make sure that cleaning agents are safe for your rooftop, consider diluting them with water before use.

Clear Away Leaves and Branches (and Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris)

If you notice leaves or branches piling up on your roof, be sure to intervene and clear these away – this includes keeping the valleys of your roof and gutters clear as well. When this debris isn’t removed, it can scratch the surface of your metal roof. It can also result in clogged gutters, which can lead to leaks and other serious problems.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

If there are any trees close to your home, make sure they’re staying in good condition – otherwise, you could be putting the longevity of your metal roof at risk.

When tree branches become overgrown, it’s more likely that they will fall off and cause damage to your roof’s surface. By keeping these branches trimmed, you can help keep debris off of your rooftop.

Periodically Touch Up Any Damaged Paint

The paint on a metal roof can last for a while – around ten years, typically. Still, as time goes on, you might start to notice imperfections developing. This could involve chipping paint and other minor blemishes. By applying a fresh coat of paint, it’s possible for these issues to be fixed before they grow any worse.

In fact, if any corrosion or tiny holes have started to form on your metal roof, fresh paint can help to remove them. When you keep the paint refreshed, it’s possible to boost your metal roof’s longevity.

Don’t Let Metal Touch Your Roof

In all fairness, it isn’t likely that other metal objects will get close enough to touch your roof. Still, this is an important part of maintenance to keep in mind if you’re looking to keep your metal roofing system in peak condition.

When your roof encounters foreign materials, this can lead to a stain forming. In more severe cases, coming into contact with metals can cause your roof to deteriorate or degrade far more rapidly.

Keep this information in mind whenever you clean your roof. If you choose the wrong tools to handle the job, you could be doing more harm than good to your metal roofing system. When you use a metal tool to clean your roof, you could end up scratching the surface or even corroding it. If you use a brush that has hard, metal bristles, this can lead to damaged paint.

Bring in a Roofing Professional for an Inspection

Even if you don’t believe anything is currently wrong, consider having an inspection performed every now and again. With a periodic inspection by a roofing professional, it’s easier to catch damage or other problems with your metal roof before they develop any further. Instead, these issues can be discovered and repaired while they’re still minor. This often means that the repair costs will be considerably lower.

Ideally, try to have your metal roof inspected on an annual basis. Although you may overlook certain problems with your roof, an experienced roofer knows exactly what to look for. This makes it simpler for them to spot corrosion, scratches, dents, leaks, and more.

For improved longevity, don’t neglect annual metal roof inspections.

Property Owners Can Benefit from Installing a Metal Roof

Compared to other common roofing types, the maintenance required for a metal roof is inconsequential. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing types, although due to their lower durability and greater likelihood of becoming damaged, maintenance is more intensive.

By keeping your metal roof well-maintained, it’s possible for homeowners to maximize its longevity. Proper maintenance can also allow you to save money on repairs. Not only can maintenance help prevent damage from occurring in the first place, but it can also allow property owners to catch issues early. A minor repair job is far less pricey than a more time-consuming and complex project.

Although metal roofs can last a long time, it’s entirely possible for their lifespans to be reduced. However, this is a preventable situation. When you keep your metal roof clean, clear away branches and leaves, keep nearby trees trimmed and cared for, touch up the paint, and have an annual inspection performed, you won’t need to worry about anything less than fantastic longevity for your roof.

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