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Are Metal Roofs That Noisy? Are Metal Roofs That Noisy?

Are Metal Roofs That Noisy?

There are a lot of myths surrounding metal roofs. One of the biggest misconceptions is metal roofs are subject to excessive noise from rain. Some people hear the term “metal roof” and imagine raindrops falling on their houses and echoing like thousands of drums. If this or another myth is the reason that you are not considering a metal roof, think again.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

If a metal roof is installed incorrectly there will be sound. However, there are no longer people using the outdated method of installing sheets of metal on wood boards. Metal roofing has sheathing that attaches to the underlayment, which helps to silence the noise of extreme weather, rain, hail, or anything else that might wake you at night. Many metal roofs are quieter than asphalt roofs.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are More Likely to Have Lighting Strikes

Metal conducts electricity. This means electricity easily flows through it from one place to another. Metal does not attract electricity and electricity is not drawn to large amounts of metal, so the chances of a house with a metal roof and a house with an asphalt roof being struck by lightning are exactly the same.

Myth: Metal Roofs Will Dent

A golf ball can dent a car, and extreme hail can dent a metal roof; however, most roofing companies offer dent-proof metal roofing. In addition, textured roofing patterns won’t show any dents. Most importantly, metal roofs can withstand light to medium hail without any problems. Some people worry about denting the roof when walking on it, but metal roofs require very little maintenance so the need to make repairs on your roof will seldom arise. If it is necessary to walk on the roof, your roofers can tell you how to walk on the roof without causing damage.

Myth: Metal Roofs Will Make the House Colder

While the roof will cool the house down in the summer, the insulation in the attic is what determines whether the house will be cold or warm in the winter. A metal roof will not allow more heat to escape the home than any other roof, but it will prevent external heat from entering the house, which will make the air conditioning unit’s job easier in the hot months.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Heavier Than the Other Options

Metal roofing is surprisingly lightweight. Per 100 square foot area, metal roofing only weighs about 50 to 150 pounds. For comparison, tile roofing usually weighs about 750 pounds. Metal roofs can also bear the weight of solar panels, making them ideal for homeowners considering a green home renovation.

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