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Fall Is a Great Time to Install a New Metal Roof in Springfield and Save on Your Winter Energy Bills Fall Is a Great Time to Install a New Metal Roof in Springfield and Save on Your Winter Energy Bills

Fall Is a Great Time to Install a New Metal Roof in Springfield and Save on Your Winter Energy Bills

The old adage, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” isn’t one to follow when your roof starts to go. You don’t want to wait until your roof is damaged and causing harm to your Springfield home before you have it taken care of.

When your home has an aging, damaged roof, there are many ways that it can take its toll on your bank account. In addition to problems like leaks that affect the interior structure of your home, an old roof can greatly reduce your home’s energy-efficiency and cost you significantly more on your energy utility bills than you should be paying. Homeowners find that the investment they make in a new roof pays for itself with time in energy savings, and there is no better roof to provide this benefit than a new metal roof. These roofs have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently to protect your home and family. If you’ve been thinking about a new metal roof, this fall is the time to get the job done.

How Does an Old Roof Cause Energy Utility Costs to Increase?

If your Missouri roof is in poor condition, many factors may be causing you to pay more to heat and cool your home. Some of the biggest issues that homeowners see affecting their utility bills include:

  • Roof color. The color of your current roofing material may not be helping you save energy, and it may be causing you to pay more. Just as dark clothing absorbs heat and makes you feel hotter on a bright summer day, your dark-colored roof can create the same effect on your home. You must always factor your local climate into the color scheme you choose for your roof. When you live in a hotter climate, it is typically best to choose a light-colored roofing material, as it will help deflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cool. If you live in an area that is prone to cold temperatures, however, you will get the most benefit from choosing a darker roof color, as it will warm your home and save you money on your heating bills.
  • Poor ventilation. Your home’s attic should always be properly ventilated to ensure maximum efficiency. If you have not had your roof replaced or inspected in many years, you may find that your attic is not functioning as it should keep the internal temperature at a moderate level. When your roof isn’t properly ventilated, the air inside becomes superheated when the sun beats down on the roof. In the summer, this has an oven-like effect on your home and causes your air conditioning system to work overtime to keep things cool. Obviously, the more the air conditioning runs, the higher your bills will be.

Why Is Fall a Good Time to Install a Metal Roof?

There is never a bad time to invest in a metal roof. This material is quickly becoming the roofing product of choice in Springfield around the country due to its durability, longevity, and a vast selection of colors and styles that complement any architectural aesthetic. A low-maintenance metal roof can provide some of these great benefits over the winter months.

  • Ease of installation. Some roofing materials are difficult to install when the temperatures drop during the fall and winter. With metal roofing, however, this is not an issue you need to worry about. Because a metal roof can be installed even when it’s cold outside, you are likely to get a better deal from your contractor, as they are not as busy during these months, and they often offer deals to bring in business. They are also more likely to stick to a tight schedule and get your project completed faster.
  • Energy-efficiency. One of the benefits of a metal roof is that it is a great insulator, and it offers an envelope that allows warm and cool air to circulate without escaping the home. The result of having this great insulator is that your energy costs will be less all year long, as your HVAC system will not be strained or working too hard.
  • Snow has a less damaging effect. Something that homeowners love about a metal roof is that it resists the damaging effects of snow and ice better than other roofing materials do. The weight burden of heavy snows can have an extremely hard effect on the structure of a home. The beauty of metal roof panels is that they resist the damaging effects of cold weather and allow ice and snow to gradually slide off the roof, which reduces the amount of weight on the house. With the addition of snow stops or snow guards, you get the added benefit of preventing the snow and ice from sliding off in one large sheet. When this happens, it can damage objects or injure people in the yard below.
  • Green energy benefits. Many individuals across the country realize the importance of green energy in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. One of the great things about metal roofs is that they are completely compatible with solar energy panels. In many cases, these panels can be installed without even penetrating the roof itself. The 40- to 70-year lifespan of a metal roof also saves you the expense and hassle of having solar panels removed and reinstalled to replace the roof.

Call a Metal Roofing Professional for Advice Today

Although the appearance of a fashionable metal roof alone is enough for someMissouri homeowners to choose this material, there are so many other benefits that it is hard to imagine why anyone would choose another type of roof. Fall is a great time to have your new metal roof installed, as you may get a discount on the cost of installation itself, and you can start to see the savings on your winter energy bills right away. If you are paying too much on your utility bills due to an old, inefficient roof, call a professional.

“They did a great job from start to finish. They were kind, courteous, knowledgeable, they answered my questions, and kept us up to date. I was disappointed with other companies that we used before but Erie Construction was quick and it was done right the first time.”

– Aaron J, Elizabethtown, PA

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