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For Akron Residents: How Long Does a Metal Roof Last? For Akron Residents: How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

For Akron Residents: How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

There is no competitor to metal for long-lasting roofing material on your Akron home. A metal roof has a long lifespan that can endure the harshest Ohio elements with relatively little maintenance required. Though it has an expensive starting cost, using metal for your roof promises a durable roof that will protect your house as long as it stands. Metal roofs are also nearly maintenance-free! Considering that the estimated lifespan for a metal roof starts at about 60 years, how long will a metal roof last?

Lifecycle and Durability

Metal roof lifespans peak between 40 and 70 years, but that is just the estimate. The reality is that many buildings with metal roofs still have their original roof after over a century!

Metal lasts as long as it does because of the durability of the material. Depending on which type of metal used, a roof can handle most situations without damage, and very low maintenance. Metal is naturally waterproof, and resists mold, mildew, cracking, and splitting. This is why a metal roof may not need any maintenance, including repainting, for up to 30 years!

Weathering the Weather

Rain and snow do not damage a metal roof in the same way they can wear down asphalt. While snow might stick to a metal roof, this does not damage the metal or cause it to rot. Mold, and other fungi, cannot cause roof rot on a metal roof, either, and water damage is nearly impossible.

Metal is far more hail- and wind-resistant than asphalt roofing, to the point that insurance companies often have discounts for metal roofs.

Warranties That Last a Lifetime

Reading the warranty and lifecycle of a metal roof can be jarring – most warranties last a minimum of 30 years, averaging around 50. Not only is that almost as long as the house’s life expectancy, it’s very nearly our own as well. Metal roofs, and their warranties, quite literally last a lifetime.

High Return on Investment

The initial starting investment for a metal roof might be several thousand dollars higher than an asphalt roof, but that’s only the initial cost. When you consider the longevity of a metal roof and compare that to asphalt, which needs periodic replacement and expensive maintenance, it’s clear that metal is a much more durable material. A 10- and 20-year cost estimate, for example, predicts an average of $0 after the startup fee for a metal roof. That level of protection is unmatched for any other material and saves a huge amount of money in the long run.

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