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How to Maximize Cell Reception in Your Pennsylvania House How to Maximize Cell Reception in Your Pennsylvania House

How to Maximize Cell Reception in Your Pennsylvania House

Experiencing poor cell reception in your Pittsburgh home? This is a common problem for homeowners, but you can optimize reception in your home in several ways, such as moving to a window or pointing toward the nearest cell phone tower. Here are a few ways you can improve cell phone reception in your home.

Don’t Move Around While Using Your Phone

As you move, your phone and network must continuously adjust for location changes, which makes it harder for your network to acquire and maintain viable signals.

Take Off Your Phone’s Case

If you currently have a case on your cell phone for protection or decoration purposes, try taking it off to see if it improves your network connection. A phone case may obstruct the cell signal and can block it from accessing the phone’s interior antenna.

Make Sure You Aren’t Obstructing the Interior Antenna

Since they aren’t physically visible, it can be difficult to know when you are obstructing your phone’s interior antennas and hindering its ability to secure a connection. However, it’s entirely possible to block the signal by simply holding your phone in a certain way. Pay close attention to how you hold your phone and try holding it in different positions to see whether the connection improves.

Move Toward a Window

Sometimes the construction materials homes consist of items (think low-E glass and metal) that can weaken cell signals and cause your network to lose service. Try moving toward a window to see if your connection gets better. If it improves, then your home’s construction materials are likely causing your connectivity issues.

Keep Your Phone Charged

Your phone requires adequate power to connect with a tower and maintain a durable signal, so it tends to struggle keep a connection when the battery is low. Be sure to keep your phone charged to at least 25 percent to ensure it has enough juice to seize and sustain a signal.

Leverage a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Every smartphone enables Wi-Fi texting and calling, and there are several messaging applications that support audio and video calling through a Wi-Fi connection. If the cell reception at your location is poor, investing in Wi-Fi coverage can provide you with a viable connection for calling, texting, and using the internet on your cell phone from the comfort of your own home.

Locate the Closet Cell Tower

If you know where the closest cell tower is to your Pennsylvania home, you already know where your phone gets its signal. This will allow you to determine which side of your home is closest to the tower, and this is where you will get a better connection. If possible, try to move to a location in your home where there are no visible obstructions, such as trees or hills, between you and the cell tower.

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