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How You Can Avoid These Common Ohio Roofing Problems How You Can Avoid These Common Ohio Roofing Problems

How You Can Avoid These Common Ohio Roofing Problems

Ohio residents often describe the weather in the area as “consistent only in its inconsistencies.” Although the late spring and early summer are often the most beautiful weather-wise—just before truly hot, humid weather sets in but often well after the final risk for any significant snowfall—this time of year is not without its ups and downs. It’s during late spring and early summer that most of the soaking rains and severe thunderstorms affect cities like Dayton, Akron, and Toledo.

Residents of these cities also notice increased outdoor activity of numerous types as warmer weather begins to set in. Recreation is at its height as millions of Ohioans return to the outdoors after the long winter that has just passed, and wildlife of all kinds resumes the activities halted by the cold. Perhaps most important, with this return outside, Ohio homeowners notice home improvement and home maintenance issues that had been hidden or exacerbated by the extreme winter weather.

How Can Late Spring and Early Summer Affect Your Roof?

One of the parts of your home most susceptible to the frequent changes and highs and lows of Dayton-area weather is also arguably its most important. Your roof provides you with cool shelter in the summer, warm protection from the worst elements of winter, and shields you from precipitation, winds, and everything in between. The late spring and early summer seasons, with their increased rain, the potential for severe weather, and increased outdoor activities, can pose several additional threats to your roof’s integrity.

Fortunately, the weather is pleasant enough during this time of year to easily permit an additional inspection of your roof. Be on the watch for these common Akron and Toledo area roof issues this spring and summer:

  1. Gutters in need of attention. Whether they’ve suffered undue stress from ice dams and excess heavy snow during the winter, or simply received exposure to extreme temperature changes, gutters can expand, contract, and crack. Besides, gutters can experience accumulated excess leaves and other organic material with warmer weather, as well as high winds or other external forces. If your gutters are clogged, you’ll need to clear them and address any leaks or cracks; if the damage is too extensive, you may need to consider a replacement.
  2. Leaky roofs. Immediately after the potentially damaging cold and moisture of winter and into the wet spring and summer seasons is a prime time for Akron residents to notice moisture issues. Persistent moisture on your asphalt shingled roof can cause unwanted water to seep into your home and is the number one cause of interior water damage. Address leaks early to avoid sustaining severe damage.
  3. Animal dwellings. With increasingly warming weather comes a much more active animal population. In recent years, many Toledo residents have experienced unwanted animal intrusions in and around damaged sections of the roof. Insects like to migrate under patches of loose shingles, while raccoons, squirrels, birds, and bats can make homes in chimneys, eaves, and gutters, further damaging your roofing system.
  4. Storm damage. Asphalt shingled roofs are especially susceptible to storm damage. In addition to the noticeably missing and damaged shingles caused by heavy winds and the potentially catastrophic puncture and decking damage caused by large hail, Dayton area storms can also cause issues that are more difficult to see. Overly heavy rains can wash protective granules away and cause moisture to seep underneath damaged shingles.
  5. Tree and foliage-related damage. While falling tree limbs are often a product of heavy winds related to the severe storms Akron and other Ohio cities experience, the problem persists during nicer weather as well. Dead and dying trees are of a particular fall risk and can cause severe damage to your home’s roof should they fall in the wrong place. Also, smaller tree branches and other foliage can gather in valleys, causing punctures as well as unwanted moisture gathering on large surfaces of your roof.
  6. Cracking and blistering of shingles. Unfortunately, asphalt shingled roofs can also fall victim to the fluctuations in temperature experienced by Ohio cities like Toledo, Dayton, and Akron. These materials tend to shrink during the coldest months of the year, only to expand once the weather gets warmer. Over the years—especially if temperatures vary wildly as they do in Ohio—all this expansion and contraction can cause cracks, blisters, and ridges.
  7. Improper installation and maintenance. Poorly installed roofing systems may be a significant cause of Dayton and Toledo area roof issues. Unwanted moisture can seep between poorly installed asphalt shingles, cause mold to spread, and even shorten the life of your roof. Similarly, neglecting everyday maintenance tasks can allow problems to spread or become more severe. It may result in the need to replace your roof much earlier than its expected longevity dictates.

How Can You Avoid Spring and Summer Roofing Issues?

If you’re a Dayton, Akron, or Toledo resident, the best thing you can do to avoid severe roofing issues caused by the above problems is to stay vigilant regarding roof maintenance. Once the snow and ice clear from your roof, inspect it for potential damage, signs of animal dwellings, masses of twigs, leaves, and branches, and other issues. After a severe storm, perform another inspection and note any changes or problems; if there’s an issue, contact a professional roofing company to make repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Alternatively, consider replacing your aging roof with a new metal roof that avoids most of the potential problems posed by asphalt roofs. Metal roofs are more durable—even in the face of heavy winds, drenching rain, and lightning—and have a lifespan that nearly doubles that of an asphalt roof. Better yet, metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free, especially compared to the numerous issues mentioned above regarding asphalt shingled roofs, and you can find a custom color, texture, shape, and style built to match any home’s exterior aesthetic.

Get Started Today

Whether you need to perform roof maintenance, make roofing repairs, or choose a new roof for your Toledo, Akron, or Dayton-area home, it’s important to get started while the weather is pleasant. Start your search for an Ohio roofing company today, and address your minor roof issues before they become major expenses.

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