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Information for Pittsburgh Residents: Weather Concerns with Metal Roofs Information for Pittsburgh Residents: Weather Concerns with Metal Roofs

Information for Pittsburgh Residents: Weather Concerns with Metal Roofs

Everyone knows that water and metal are natural enemies. Over time, water can cause many kinds of metal to oxidize, leading to rust and corrosion. It’s a natural thing to wonder if water will affect a metal roof. How will your new metal roof react to harsh Western Pennsylvania snow or rain? Is metal not a suitable option for climates that experience a lot of precipitation? Let’s dispel some common myths surrounding metal roofing.

Will My Metal Roof Corrode in the Rain and Snow?

The short answer: no. In fact, metal is one of the most durable roofing types, capable of lasting decades. In fact, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia, Monticello, still has its original metal roof. Areas that receive heavy snowfall are actually an ideal candidate for metal roofs, and for a simple reason: they have slick, low friction surfaces. This means snow won’t gather on the top and weigh down the roof, unlike other roofing materials.

Metal roofs are also durable enough to withstand heavy hail and high winds. This makes them suitable for places that receive a lot of storms. Metal roofing materials not only resist corrosion and breakdown, they’re actually more durable than any other roofing material available on the market.

What About Rust?

Many people assume that a metal roof will rust over time, creating not only an unsightly appearance, but also the opportunity for water to reach the wooden decking underneath. However, metal roofing materials will not corrode or rust with proper treatment and maintenance.

Many metal roofing materials are alloyed steel with a zinc protective coating. This makes them highly resistant to rust. Galvanized steel is another popular option that is not prone to rusting. Finally, aluminum roofing materials are becoming more popular because they’re lightweight and require little to no maintenance.

Still, all roofs benefit from a simple maintenance schedule. Though your metal roof may not rot, the bolts holding them down may loosen over time, especially after high winds and heavy storms. Take a pair of binoculars a couple times a year and do a visual inspection. If you notice any loose shingles or panels, contact a roofing company and have them tightened. Maintaining your roof is that simple!

Metal roofs have several distinct advantages, and durability is one of them. Pittsburgh homeowners need not worry about corrosion or rusting of metal roofing materials, because of the sophisticated materials available on the market. In fact, metal roofs are a superior option for climates that receive heavy rain and snow.

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