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Information for Springfield, Missouri Residents: 6 Mistakes Associated with Metal Roof Installation Information for Springfield, Missouri Residents: 6 Mistakes Associated with Metal Roof Installation

Information for Springfield, Missouri Residents: 6 Mistakes Associated with Metal Roof Installation

Some Missouri residents opt for the DIY option when it comes to installing metal roofing. Metal roof installation requires years of know-how and specialized skills, so it is a safer choice to use a professional. The installation process determines the effectiveness of the roof, so here are some mistakes to avoid if you decide to go it alone.

1. Not Measuring the Roof Properly

To measure how much roofing supplies are needed, the homeowner must measure the footage on the floor level. Be sure to add for overhang. These measurements are important because they will determine how much material is needed. Have a second person double-check the measurements.

2. Not Converting Measurements to Roofing Squares

Roofing measurements convert into roofing squares. A roofing square covers about 100 square feet, so to get the number of roofing squares, divide the square footage by 100.

3. Not Adjusting Roof Slope by Roofing Pitch

To take the two-dimensional measurements just made into three-dimensional roof measurements, the homeowner must now determine the pitch of the roof. This is difficult to determine. A low pitch is about 3 feet vertically for every 12 feet the roof goes horizontally. A high pitch is about 1.41 feet and a medium pitch is closer to 2 feet. Determine pitch and multiply it by the roofing squares. This is the amount of metal needed for the roof.

4. Not Aligning Roof Panels

There are flanged and unflanged lips on either side of the metal roofing panels. These are very important, because in order to correctly install the roof, these flanged and unflanged lips need to be overlapping. This overlap locks out moisture and keeps the house safe from water damage. If this isn’t correct, the roof becomes ineffective.

5. Not Checking the Warranty

Read the warranty carefully. If something scratches the material, it could cause corrosion or rust. A warranty may state these things are covered, but once everything is installed there is no way to prove whether the scratch was there before or after the materials were out of the box.

6. Going with the Lowest Bidder

Quality is more important than price. Metal roof structures and installation are expensive, so there may be a temptation to go with the cheapest system available. Remember the reason for buying a metal roof is quality. Ask architects or roofer who work with the system for suggestions on the best quality roof.

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