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Nashville Metal Roofing Maintenance Nashville Metal Roofing Maintenance

Nashville Metal Roofing Maintenance

Many Nashville homeowners have made the switch to metal roofs for many reasons. They’re extremely durable, reliable, safe, and have a lifespan three times longer than the typical asphalt shingle roof. One of the main benefits of a metal roof is that they require minimal regular maintenance compared to other roofing materials. You won’t encounter random missing shingles, sunken spots, or the other common problems found on asphalt shingle roofs, but you should still know the fundamentals of metal roof maintenance for the Nashville area.

How Much Maintenance Is Required With a Metal Roof?

Roofs are one of the most vital parts of any home’s construction, and they are also one of the most expensive parts of a home to fix. Many homeowners opt for replacing their traditional roofs with new metal roofs to avoid the maintenance costs of asphalt shingle roofs. They are not only cheaper to maintain, but also encounter far fewer problems than standard asphalt shingle roofs and only require occasional light maintenance.

While metal roofs promise low maintenance costs and minimal upkeep requirements, these benefits only apply to professional installations performed by experienced roofing contractors. If a roofer cuts corners or incorrectly installs a metal roof, this can cause serious problems for any Nashville homeowner. Working with an experienced roofer with solid credentials and a reliable track record of successful jobs in the Nashville area is the best way to prevent this from happening and to keep maintenance issues minimal.

Nashville Homeowners Should Schedule or Conduct Regular Inspections

Metal roofs are incredibly durable but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely maintenance-free. The Nashville area has a relatively mild climate for most of the year, with comfortable temperatures in the fall and winter months and hot and humid weather during the summer. Homeowners who recently had metal roofs installed should plan at least one surface inspection each year to check for physical damage like scratches, stains, debris accumulation, and gutter blockages.

Homeowners should only conduct roof inspections themselves if they have the tools, safety gear, and experience to do so. Climbing on your roof may seem simple enough, but it is very dangerous even for single-story homeowners. If you are unable to conduct your own metal roof inspection or do not feel safe doing so, contact a reliable roofing contractor or the contractor who installed the roof to handle regular inspections.

Clean Off Dirt, Mildew, and Other Elements

Metal roofs are great at directing rainfall off of the roof and into the gutter, but they can still collect dirt, mildew, and other particles that may cause problems if you leave them unchecked for too long. You can make your own metal roof cleaning solutions for different types of messes:

● A gentle scrubbing cleanser and rinsing with water can remove rust spots, and then you can treat the spot with metal primer to seal it before repainting.

● Mineral spirits can help minimize the appearance of scratches when rubbed into scratches with a cloth and rinsed.

● Mix a solution of one quart bleach and three quarts water with 1/3 cup of powdered laundry detergent to create a very effective cleaning solution for mold, mildew, and algae.

● You can remove dirt, dust, and small debris particles with a simple solution of dish soap and water.

These cleaning solutions can help you address roof stains and messes appropriately to keep the roof looking and performing its best as long as possible. Keeping your roof clean also helps preserve your home’s gutter system, another vital element of any Nashville home.

Clean Out Gutters and Drains

Throughout the year your home’s gutters and drains will undoubtedly accumulate lots of debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and other particles. Over time, these things create a buildup that interferes with rainwater flow through the gutter system. If you leave this kind of issue unchecked for too long, rainwater will spill out of the gutter and may find its way behind your home’s siding, causing water damage that will worsen over time.

Depending on the tree coverage on your property, the orientation of your home, elevation, and various other factors, your gutters may only need cleaning once or twice per year. If you live in a wooded area with lots of tree coverage you should aim to clean your gutters every few months.

Remove Leaves and Other Debris Trapped on Your Metal Roof

Any debris that lingers on your metal roof for too long has the potential to cause all types of problems like scuffing, corrosion, and rusting. For example, a small pile of wet leaves stuck to your roof may seem like a minor issue, but if the weather is dry and calm for several days, those leaves may start to wither and rot, potentially attracting pests or causing moisture damage and oxidation.

Pay close attention to the valleys of your metal roof during your surface inspections. The valleys are the indentations made when two angles of the roof’s surface meet on a downhill slope. These spots tend to accumulate the most debris, so clean them thoroughly during inspections.

Make Sure No Other Metals Are Touching the Roof

It may seem unlikely for metal debris to accumulate on your roof, but it is a possibility. Due to the chemical properties of many types of metals, metal-to-metal contact can cause corrosion and other problems for a metal roof. For example, some types of galvanized steel may experience galvanic corrosion when exposed to copper, brick, concrete, or treated iron. If you notice any type of debris on your roof during a surface inspection, remove it carefully and clean the spot to ensure no lingering particles erode the roof’s surface.

Make sure any utility workers or trade workers performing any work on or near your roof are careful to avoid metal-to-metal contact and do their best to avoid damaging, scuffing, or scratching the roof. Even a small scratch through the coating could lead to corrosion, rusting, or other problems within a short time.

Nashville homeowners who schedule routine inspections and keep their metal roofs clean can see a tremendous return on their investments into metal roof upgrades. A metal roof has some unique maintenance concerns compared to traditional asphalt shingle roofs, but they offer exceptional value, a longer lifespan, and much easier overall maintenance.

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