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Why You Should Take Time for Preventative Roof Maintenance in Akron Why You Should Take Time for Preventative Roof Maintenance in Akron

Why You Should Take Time for Preventative Roof Maintenance in Akron

One of the most important parts of caring for and protecting a home is roof maintenance, especially in an area with a variable climate like Ohio. The weather fluctuates in the Akron area from very hot and humid during the summers to bitterly cold with lots of snow in the winter. Additionally, Ohio is close to the Great Lakes, which means it receives a fair amount of snow and rain throughout the year. All these factors can take a toll on the roof of an Akron, OH home.
One of the best things a homeowner can do when it comes to minimizing maintenance expenses and preserving the value of an Akron home is preventative maintenance. Taking time to prevent serious maintenance issues before they escalate can potentially save thousands in repair costs and limit the risk of things like water damage, flooding, and pest invasions. Preventative roof maintenance should be a staple of any Akron homeowner’s property care routine. Here’s how to approach preventative roof maintenance responsibly.

Common Misconceptions About Roof Maintenance

One of the most common misconceptions about roof maintenance is that if you don’t see a problem, your roof is in fine shape. Some homeowners disregard warning signs like shingle granule accumulation in their gutters, missing shingles, and sunken spots on their roofs. Just because you cannot see any prominent leaks during a cursory inspection does not mean your roof is intact.

Even if it is not actively leaking at the moment, that does not mean the next storm won’t exert pressure in just the right spot to do some serious damage and cause a major leak. Additionally, leak damage isn’t always obvious; water travels the path of least resistance, so it is possible for a leak in the roof to cause more damage to the basement or lower floors than the upper floors if it has an easy path straight to the bottom of the house. The damage could be concealed within wall spaces as well, making it even harder to spot until the damage becomes severe.

Another common misconception is that the average homeowner can handle roof repairs unassisted. While many are perfectly capable of performing routine visual roof inspections, it is ultimately best to leave serious repairs to trained professionals.

An experienced roofer will not only know how to diagnose and repair a roof problem, but also handle the repair safely and efficiently with appropriate tools and safety equipment. Many homeowners have suffered serious injuries from accidental misuse of tools and falls from their roofs due to a lack of professional-grade safety equipment. If you encounter any issues with your roof that you would like to check or identify a problem that you can’t fix yourself, contact a reliable and experienced roofer to solve the problem.

Preserve Your Roof With Preventative Maintenance

Catching problems with your roof as early as possible can save you a great deal of time, money, stress, and frustration. Roof deterioration will occur much more quickly if you fail to pay attention to the warning signs of a roof in need of maintenance. Prevent small issues from becoming larger concerns with some simple but effective preventative maintenance.

One of the most expensive home repairs an Akron, OH homeowner may need to arrange is a roof replacement. Under ideal conditions, a professionally installed asphalt shingle roof will only last 20 to 25 years. Roof replacements are an investment that you don’t want to have to do twice.

Preventative maintenance will not increase your roof’s lifespan indefinitely, but it can help to preserve it for longer than you might expect. If you are concerned about the health of your roof in Akron, OH, contact a reliable roofer as soon as possible to perform a professional roof inspection.

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

Experienced roofers know how to spot the warning signs of a roof in need of repairs, such as:

● Shingle damage. Warped, cracked, chipped, or discolored shingles are signs of a problem.

● Sinking areas. This could indicate a problem with the roof bed beneath the shingles that could very easily lead to structural damage.

● Leaks. Leaks are not always obvious, and experienced roofers know which areas of your roof will be most vulnerable to leaks and how to find them.

● Moss growth. If moss is growing on your roof, this is a sign that it has a ready supply of moisture and a soft surface on which to grow; both are signs that your roof has been damaged and needs prompt attention.

You may be able to see some of these issues just by walking around your yard, but some of them may be in difficult-to-see areas and require specialized equipment and safety gear to properly diagnose. When you hire a professional for a roof inspection, the roofer will generally perform several kinds of inspection at once:

● A structural inspection to identify problems with the planes of the roof, roof masonry, and venting in the attic.

● A material inspection to verify shingle quality and the seals around roof fixtures like pipes and vents.

● An interior inspection of your attic or upper crawlspace to look for signs of water damage, mold, and wood rot.

● A workmanship inspection to check the flashings around roof penetrations and the construction of the roof overall.

A professional roof inspection is well worth the time and investment for any Akron homeowner and can provide an opportunity to quickly, accurately, and safely diagnose problems with a roof before they escalate into dangerous and expensive issues.

Professional Roofers for Preventative Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance is well worth the time and investment. Generally, it’s best to conduct a roof inspection at least once per year, but it is prudent to check it twice or more around the changing of the seasons. Preventative roof maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and structural damage and prolong the lifespan of a roof. While spot-checking is a good beginning, professional roofers can perform much more thorough inspections than the average homeowner can manage.

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