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Will a Metal Roof Make My Missouri Home Hotter in the Summer? Will a Metal Roof Make My Missouri Home Hotter in the Summer?

Will a Metal Roof Make My Missouri Home Hotter in the Summer?

Does a metal roof make your home hotter in the summer? This is a myth that has been circulating among Missouri homeowners for years. It makes sense when you think about how hot metal can get in the summer sun, but with new materials and technology a metal roof actually does exactly the opposite. Here’s a look at some of the facts about metal roofing.

Reflection of Heat

It may seem like a metal roof would get hotter in the summer months, but the truth is that a metal roof is better at reflecting heat away from the building. Traditional asphalt and tar shingles absorb the heat, causing the temperature in your attic to rise at least 20 degrees. Because of this reflection of heat, metal roofs actually cause a home to be cooler and can save on cooling costs for the residents.

Solar Reflective Index Rating

Advances in roofing materials have changed the game. Technology has brought us cool metal roofing, an innovative way to keep your house cool in warm weather. The higher the Solar Reflective Index (SFI) rating on the panels, the lower the temperature on the outside of the roof. By reflecting more sun rays, less heat transfers to the metal, keeping the surface cool.

Color of the Metal

The color of the metal plays a large part in the absorption of heat. Lighter colored roofs do not absorb as much heat as darker colored roofs. There are some protective coatings and paints to assist this process. Reflective paints help send more solar rays back into the atmosphere and away from the building. Natural oxidation and patina on some types of roofing materials can provide added reflectivity and protection too. Ask about what materials are available in St. Louis, Missouri and are best for your climate.

Installation and Materials Matter

A poorly installed roof does not offer any benefits. Neither does the wrong type of metal for the wrong climate. For coastal homes, aluminum roofs provide resistance to corrosion from the salt water. Homes in wet climates should consider a Galvalume roof which is specially designed to stand up to wet conditions. Picking the right metal to match both your budget and your environment will gain the best results possible.

A metal roof is actually designed to reflect more heat and can help to lower energy bills during the summer months. Most people believe the opposite, perpetuating the myth. When installing your new roof, consider using an eco-friendly metal roof option.

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