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Insurance Savings

Insurance Savings Insurance Savings

Put your roof to the test. An Erie Metal Roof can withstand heavy wind, rain, snow, hail and even fire.

Extreme weather and elements can put a tremendous strain on your roof. Regardless of your regional weather and other home hazards, an Erie Metal Roof is a strong, weather and impact resistant product guaranteed to protect your home.

Combined with a Class A Fire Resistance Rating, these important safety and security features alone are enough to outweigh traditional, flimsy asphalt. Some home insurance companies even recognize it as additional security that can lower your insurance payments.

UL2218 tested, real-world proven.

Best-In-Class Materials Ensures Long Lifespan

Extreme Weather and Impact Resistance

An Erie Metal Roof is UL2218 Rated as Class 4 Impact Resistant, meaning added protection for your home in the event of hail or extreme wind. This makes our metal roofing a prime candidate for UL2218 home insurance savings, which means money in your pocket.

All insurance packages vary, but many of our customers have reported savings up to 30% or more in their home insurance costs. Be sure to contact your insurance agency and request information on any available discounts!

“They did a great job from start to finish. They were kind, courteous, knowledgeable, they answered my questions, and kept us up to date. I was disappointed with other companies that we used before but Erie Construction was quick and it was done right the first time.”

– Aaron J, Elizabethtown, PA

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